Matlab Knot

by emmett Mar 17, 2011
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Thank you for sharing your matlab script files. They also ran with octave too!

Just to avoid some confusion, the "[p,q] knot" notation used here indicates either a "(p,q) torus knot", or a "(p,q) torus link", depending on the co-primality of p and q. Thus "[3,1] knot" = "unknot", then "[2,5] knot" = "knot 5_1", and "[2,4] knot" = "link of 2 components with linking nuber 2".

Hello Emmet,

Can I ask you something 8-) , your second image show a base that was created using a script right? Sorry for my question , i don't know if I understood ...
So I like that because I just started printing and I have some Action figure modeled on Zbrush, that I want to print, and they need a struct
ure to be build ..
For this wolverine maybe I could print in pieces but for a small scale for sure needs a structure.

Congratulation for the model! ;)

best regards

Marcelo P

I'm guessing by "base" you mean support structure? Skeinforge has an option for support (there's a checkbox in ReplicatorG for it as well), which is what I used on knot31. Makerbot also has some useful how-to articles about it on their blog.

You mean the structure that you took of the knot31.. ??

I will check .. thanks anyway man!

In case you've never used support before (like me!) then let me warn you that "exterior" support won't cut it!

Do you think it is (or could be) possible in OpenSCAD to define the cross-sectional geometry and then "extrude" it along a mathematical path?

That would be totally amazing. I imagine that's something that wouldn't be too terribly difficult to implement, but then again I'm not a programmer :-P

I'm pretty sure the only hard part would be maintaining manifoldness. Plenty of other CAD programs do it, so there must be algorithms for it; the question is do they exist in CGAL?