DIP-Clip for In-Circuit Programming/Analyzing ICs

by enif Mar 4, 2015
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@wolf777 I don't think that SOIC8 is possible.
The narrow 1.27mm pitch worries me, we have to keep a gap between arms and allow a 0.8mm hole for the pins...
No hope for TSOP or SSOP either.

I am experimenting with a 2mm pitch -- not sure yet if that will work.

Any chance of making a surface mount chip clip? purpose of reprogramming electronic speed controllers on hex-copters.

Very nice alternative to the commercial parts, e.g., http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/923690-08/923690-08-ND/3849 (I used one of these for programming attiny85's, and one with a 14 pin to program the attiny84's).