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Prusa i3 LM8UU Y axis bearing mount

by scarou Mar 5, 2015
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Hi !
After installing those, my calibration won't pass the XYZ step, is it because the bed is higher ?
How could I solve that ? :/


yes the bed is higher. Which Printer do you have. Perhaps ypu can send me a Picture. Do you Use Auto Bed Leveling?

Best Regards Markus

My mistake, I have a MK3...
So when I switched back to the U-rings it worked perfectly :)

Will these work for X axis as well?

It works for any axis you want ;)

okay thanks, just making sure since the summary said "Y bushing" =P

does anyone tried this mount with the Igus drylin RJ4JP-01-08?

and, once installed this mount, is it needed a Z offset or is a straight replacement?


I printed in PLA, 50% fillin, .3 mm, the printer improve the resolution. Thnkx

Would you include a step file? It would be nice to check things out virtually.

Sorry, I can't export as a step file (DesignSpark Mechanical)

Hi, Great bearing mount!
Regarding the dimension in the last image, 19.477mm.
What is the distance of center of the bearing (where the + is placed) to the mount surface?

I have completed the drawing as requested ;)

Hi does anyone know if these fit the original prusa mk2?

I made a modified corner for the MK2 cause the bearing mount was hitting it.

Prusa i3 MK2 Y-Corner

it wont, bearing on Y axis fits directly into cut on y corner. also you would probably run into problems with Y endstop.
you will have to modify whole Y axis, but its worth it in my opinion.

Added 2 drawings in order to help you.

Comments deleted.

same question here :-)

Added 2 drawings in order to help you.

I don't understand? Same question where?

That's fine, I'll try my MK2. Thank you !

Comments deleted.

Beautiful design, thanks!
I made new Y belt holder which takes into account frame height added by bearing mount. See

Prusa i3 MK1 Y-axis belt holder
by parkis

Good work!
I think it's a must for prusa i3 rework.



Thank you Roberto ;)

Super quality part! I've got two i3 Prusa Originals & they fit absolutely perfectly! Great job on the CAD.

My Y axis is WAY more solid with these compared to the zip ties. M3 nuts fit perfectly into the part and I used M3 x 12 screws to mount.

Printed in PLA @ .2 layer height. Three of them at once (for one machine) took 2.5hrs @ 35mm/s using Cura. Came out spot on.


You're welcome 3DSUser !

Thanks for the comment ;)

Nice design.
What software did you use to design it? Could you upload the source file? I need to edit the hole position because one of my holes on th aluminum bed is not on the correct spot.
Thank you

Hi ionniskar,
I use DSM (DesignSpark Mechanical). It's free and an amasing powerfull tool !!!

I have uploaded the source file (LM8UU bushing.rsdoc)


Are you using a pirated version of designspark? On their site I don't see a free verison

"Pirated software" aren't "free software".
I use a free version of DSM :