CNC mill 3D printed and laser cut

by liquidhandwash Mar 6, 2015
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​I really love this project and will try to make the same CNC mill if God wills.
​I just wanted to add that the motor you are using probably is a 550 DC motor. It is easier to find it on the internet with the number 550.

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Great job
Im new to 3D and cnc
Do you think i couls cut to a depth of abput 1mm on silver and gold?
Maybe not in one pass but multiple passes will be good

Ive cut aluminum and copper without too many issues, you just need the right bit. Aluminum can clog the bit, Ive never tried silver or gold.

Unfortunatly I use inkscape and k40 whisperer so the dxf files are corrupt / out of scale.

Any chance of a SVG file for the laser parts? or even just some scale sizes in MM for each one so I can scale them down.

Go to my instructable and download PTC the link is on the instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Digital-Manufacturing-project-one-Key-tag/
follow the instructions to activate it
then go to this instructable to learn how to import the DXF and print it true scale.

Hi, first of all, great Job!!
I'm trying to download the dxf from instructables but all the link downloads the same part ( the build plate) may you can add the dxf also here in an only one file?

thanks a lot

I dont know what going on for you, I just have a look and all the DXF files are on the instructables site and they do work for me. Mabe use a differnt web browser

hi i try to buy the z axis only if someone can print and ship in us thanks, z axis plate and spindle holder

I'm new to this kind of thing but would love to get into it, With my situation there are only so many things i can do i will explain below.
My biggest hurdle is my severe disability from an ancient years ago, I medically known as a Quadriplegic somebody who has broken there neck basically.
I'm paralyzed from the neck down but able to use a computer/Laptop with the aid of this nifty bit of equipment http://www.orin.com/access/sip_puff/ It imitates the exact same functions as standard mouse does IE Right Click,Left Click Typing with an onsreen keyboard ect.
Is there anywhere that sells this readily built? Also how much manual work is there apart from putting the material being used on the bed? If somebody put the material on the bed & it's computer controlled after placing the material i should be able to do all the designing ect with just the mouse/Equipment i use.

Is this anywhere near what the process of engraving,cutting & printing takes to do? Or is there something out there that would be suited for i'm describing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kindest Regards


i going to use mill pcb how big can i do them

i going to use mill pcb how big can i do them

All the files, software, downloads, and instructions are on my instructables page http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-printed-CNC-mill/

This is great, I want to use it as a PCB engraver.
But I can't find any dxf files on it. The things I could download are only stl files. Can you help me please? Where I can download it?

All the files, software, downloads, and instructions are on my instructables page http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-printed-CNC-mill/

Oh, thank you :D

Any idea how well PLA would work for this instead of ABS? My local library has the printer and only have PLA filament. Thanks.

did do in pla and how it go with pla

Ive never used PLA so try it and see.

Please can anyone help me on this build.
I need the laser cut files in correctly sized PDF format so I can send them to my printers as they can't print the DXF format.
I tried converting to PDF but the scale of the drawings were miles to big.

What roughly was your cost overall for the mill? I'm looking to do something similar but was actually going to design my own until I came across this. I have two 3d printers to knock out the printed parts and work for a large steel distributor so getting my laser cut parts isn't much of an issue either. I am curious what you had into the random hardware.

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Is there any other way for getting the instructions?

I thought the instructable was pretty good, you know there is 28 steps right? could you let me know what the problem is and I will see what I can do.

Excuse me, my bad, I just wanted to download the pdf. The instructions are perfect!

Very nice. I was considering a similar machine for PCB work, but I do like your design. Are those shaft couplers repurposed to act as structural component fasteners?

Thanks ghastly, the shaft couplers hold the sides together and locate the 12mm shafts and stop them sliding