Little Lizard

by loubie Apr 7, 2013
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I am new to this game so please accept my ignorance. But this was by far the best quality print out we have achieved. I usually see lines etc. in the build. This print was amazing would I be correct in saying it was rendered and whether this rendering was the reason why it was so smooth ?

Many thanks for printing my lizard and I am glad you like him.

Regarding your question. I haven't seen your less-than-successful prints nor do I know which models you have printed, so here's some guesswork:

A model itself can have artifacts which cause an uneven surface(insufficient poly count, bad sculpting or a error in the geometry are but three possibilities), however it's usually a printer calibration or slicer issue. I advise you look at the gcode for the problematic models in a viewer (Repetier Host has the best one for this I think and it's free), you can usually tell if the model is going to print badly because of model or slicing issues.

If the gcode looks ok but still prints badly, then you may want to check your printer settings. If it looks bad in your viewer but other people with your printer type have produced beautiful prints, then why not ask them for their slicer settings? There is always a forum or group which can help out.

Good luck

That's great thanks, I was just so impressed with the out put it was worthy of mentioning.

Thank you so very much for creating this model, it has quite the personality. This was my first successful 3D print, my daughter loves it.

could you please upload two broken down stl files so that i can do a dual extrusion on the colours, i would like an stl file with just the 4 legs on and then another stl file with just the body on, or a .DWG or .DXF file of the full model so i can split the stl files.

I've just moved house and am really busy at the moment. I can have a look when things are more settled. Actually, would it not be possible for you to take the uploaded STL and split it in MeshLab?

Printed well on a Printrbot LC using Slic3r 0.9.9 at 0.35/layer and 0.2 infill. It had the same issues above the shoulders as seen in the print, plus a little problems under the chin where the layers drooped a little (not too bad though).

Post pictures!:-)
Regarding your other issues: a 'dribbly' lizard chin is usually down to insufficient cooling or the feedrate for your filament is set too high. You could try adjusting those.
His shoulders are supposed to look like that (although I admit the overhang is too harsh and they have a tendency to collapse). Lizards have these strange folds above their shoulders that look like 80s shoulder pads:-)

If I took pics now, it will look a little different, after my 7 year old broke off toes and one leg (she plays a little rough!). I expect I'll print another, perhaps scaled up a bit.

I slice Loubie through repetier host (0.90b) and slic3r (0.9.10b) and little Loubie has no eyes. Yes, just gaping sockets. But if I slice directly through slic3r, he has eyes. Why?

Okay - looks to be a bug in Repetier-Host. I have updated this model's description with the details. Thank you for pointing this out.

Yes - I see the same thing. I shall investigate.

Repetier says it is because the latest version of repetier tries to do some fixes on the model and leaves it a little worse for wear. Slic3r apparently doesn't mind the errors in the model. Fix is to use the "unmodified" version in Repetier.

I read the post on the forum. I spoke directly with the developer of Repetier via email. The new model now posted fixes the issue with his eyes which are now part of the model and not separate objects. The "fix" was for me to correct the problem with my model:-)

Thanks for getting back to me though.

Awesome model, and it looks like it printed really well. Is that the acetone vapor smoothing technique I see?

Thanks:-) Your models are superb, so I take that as a compliment indeed.

In answer to your question: Yes. I think it's a technique that works for simple organic models like the lizard but I have found there is a fine line between 'nicely smoothed' and 'blurred detail'. I have always thought it might make a good base for painting on, but have yet to try it. Certainly would beat trying to smooth out a model's surface with filler before priming...

i also thought of the treefrogs at first...
nice work, thanks a lot for sharing.

Heh - I liked the treefrogs very much but thought they needed a friend. So, I built the lizard. I then came to the conclusion that I desperately need to get out more:-)

Nice one - someone to keep the Treefrogs company! ;-)