Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

CC1563 camera mount for Armattan Morphite 170mm and 180mm frames

by CrazyCoder Mar 7, 2015
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Is it possible to get this in a 35 degree mount? I'm having to hot glue it to my frame at proper racing angle.

This camera is 170 degrees, so it's very wide angle to race hard even at 15 degrees tilt.

I was racing my morphite on 4S today for the first time and I think I could use some more tilt, even though it is so wide angle. Maybe a 20 or 25 degree? Can you make one for us? Thanks!

Don't have the tools at hand to modify it, you can try searching for RotorX Atom camera holder models. V2 are nice and should have multiple tilt angles.

The wide angle of the lens makes it a little hard to see small gates but it's pretty good in low light and I can't complain about the weight :) http://imgur.com/ef5a3TI

A VERY well designed part. Perfect, thank you so much!

Thank you! Tilted versions are coming soon =)

Hey there, just wondering if you ever made a tilted version of this mount? I'm getting tired of using hot glue/servo take for my mounts :)

Titled versions were uploaded several days ago.

Comments deleted.

Titled versions were uploaded several days ago.

A suggestion for later revisions:

The zip tie slot at the top of the camera often breaks. I had it break on a hard landing. I did not land on the camera but on the landing gear. Even so the shock broke the zip tie slots and ejected the camera.

My suggestion is to replace the slots with bumps. When you press the camera down, the bumps will force the sides of the mount outward, then will hold the camera down without the need for a ziptie.

Thanks, will consider it.

Even perfecter!