RC Drift Cones

by motorbikemikexb9 Mar 7, 2015
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Can you print this with sketchup?

I didnt know you could print anything from sketchup. I drew it in AutoCAD. I slice with slic3r and run my printer from Repetier... hope that helps.

The bottom of the cone is raised so this design does not lend itself to be printed via filament type 3D printers. If they got rid of the ridge on the bottom then it would be a great design. I don't recommend trying this otherwise the bottom would be a stringy texture as the lines would be floating and not supported thus looking bad in my opinion.

the raised portion is the simulated rubber base. the design prints extremely well. Ive printed over 200 of these on my metal simple with no problem. if your. learn to print then try it before you post negative comments on peoples designs.

Sorry that I came across negative, I see by your reply you were somewhat offended. I am an professional printer I have 6 of them and they run all day every day as this is my means of living. I have made many designs and was offering advice but really telling others to raise awareness so they know before they print.

I am only stating fact. The gap on the raised bottom will have a stringy look that won't look good in my opinion. My advice is to make the bottom flat, it will look better and will be nice and flat. In addition if the bottom was flat the print time would be significantly less when printing many at a time.

I also suggest putting a little 45 degree beveled around the bottom outside edge. I add them on all my designs, it doesn't have to be much like about 1mm. This way prying the item off of the build plate will be a breeze. I guess in theory you could just grab it and bend it off but I would do that as you might have some that might brake on you ... again in theory but my professional opinion is to design a feature as way to easily remove the item and a bevel is an easy way to do so.