Parametric Box for everything

by FMMT666 Apr 8, 2013
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Great little box; fail on my behalf as I didn't read the section 'you will need' so don't have any magnets and the hinge is obviously not for 1.75mm filament, doh!

Agreed. Great hinge. Nice!

I like the way you did the hinge. :-)

Is this Print In Place?

The files containing "TOP" and "BOT" in the filename are.
Those with "OVERVIEW" or "SAMPLE" are not.

Please see the following variables in the OpenSCAD file:
PRINTBOT = 1; // 0/1 turn bottom part off/on
PRINTTOP = 0; // 0/1 turn top part (lid) off/on
PRINTPOS = 1; // 0/1 move lid in printing position
SHOWOFFPOS = 0; // 0/1 nice looking off/on;

This is cool! What are the specific magnets that you used, and where did you get them? And mad props for calling out "bass strings" in your list of things to store!

Cool, but why not use the customizer? I do not like how they did it, but it still makes customization much easier :)

Oh, I already began to create a Customizer version, but it didn't work as expected and would not have created any benefit:

  • it can not handle things made of multiple parts
  • it does not allow you to enter values (only annoying sliders)
  • it is not possible to look around or inside a thing
      (e.g.: check slots for magnets, view semi-transparent, etc...)
  • it completely destroys the readability of a file
  • it does not have a real-time WYSIWYG
      I gave up after uploading the 20th version...
  • it supports SPAM ;-)
  • ...

But I will try again.
I really like the idea behind Customizer and I hope it will improve.

Yeah. Customizer is a little primitive. Especially compared to Thingiview. Tell me why they don't just use thingiview?

It does allow you to enter values. Just don't put the //[1:100] after the variable.

SPAM: as in how many customized pens do we need? Yuck.

I do like your pencil box. Nice.

How about a lay flat hinge? Basically the same hinge just pivoted in the top and bottom. More desk space but won't tip over! Just another option.

I only added the option to move the hinge up and down on the bottom part and didn't consider the possibility to shift it "into" the lid. I guess that's what you meant, right?

Nice idea!

Really the same pin and hinge on the top as you used in the bottom instead of the fixed rounded cube in the top. The magnets would hold them together but there might be some shifting side to side so pins or an edge might be needed.

I guess I'm saying is two bottoms and two separate cubes with round ends for the hinge that would be pinned in with filament.

I fully agree: it sucks a lot for developers. Too bad it's so convenient for users :D

To debug the object and have an inside view, I sometimes add a boolean (oops, a 1:True, 0:False selector) linked to one interestion() in the source code like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:44850http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Let's just hope MKI will not insert advertising in our objects in the future ;)

Revisited & customizable: universal hose coupler and funnel maker

Not the advertising the intersection!

Advertising in things? scared
Shh! Don't give them an idea, here!