Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Herman Miller Aeron Headrest

by hexitex Mar 8, 2015
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The design attaches to the Aeron well.

A) For the weaving, you'll run into weakened kinks in the filament especially from a tight spun reel.. It's akin to the most complicated shoelace you'll ever tie. I found it easier to strongly bind a soft headrest material with tape.
B) For imperial, you'll want to take the prints to the hardware store and manually fit the bolts.
C) Follow OP's advice and print with 100% fill on all clamping parts. Anything less will fracture as you bolt pieces together.

I'm working on making this, and I have a question:

Is there really a reason to be using screws to connect the two parts of each headrest half together, and the two halves to each other? Won't superglue work fine? (I prefer superglue because if I'm using screws, I'll need to measure the length, find the exact kind online, pay for them etc. while superglue is cheap and available.) Is there any scenario in which you'd want to have these pieces detached? (I dunno, maybe it's needed for stringing the filament through?)

The string or flexible filament does put stress on the main body and it bows under the strain so I don't think superglue would work PU glue may work.

These STLs are broken. They appear deformed in Simplify3D, and neither Simplify3D or NetFabb are able to fix them. Any chance you could provide non-broken STLs?

Well they printed fine for me using Cura. Have you tried meshlab to repair the file, I find it works well

Comments deleted.

One is the left side the other is the right. It is a two part piece

Any news on this design? Does it work well? Any revisions?

I'm going to start printing one for myself and just thought I should check in first.

I am stoked you made this. I already have a headrest but I was going to design the clamp so I could make an iron throne headrest.. haha might go ahead and mix that one up

I was altso thinking I might make some sort of 'mini table' attachment for the arrest track, maybe a drink holder, etc. I am down to collab on something some time hit me up. Herman Miller 4 lyfe!

Cheers mate, this was one design nightmare getting it strong enough for the job. Many binned designs and crap loads of plastic. I already have two removable joystick HOTAS rests for the X55 but built in diabond with re-modable plastic that attach to the arms. no design files I'm afraid.