Vintage Jewelry stand

by Duplicate3D Mar 9, 2015
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Why is the stand beveled at the top? It does not seem to line up properly.

Very beautiful design and it printed very beautiful.
I would like to print one to make it as a make up holder (pens and stuffs).
Could you edit one version without the pins holder inside ? I would like to keep only the red part, it's beautiful as it !

Printing this on a Wanhao D9 and getting holes at the front of the corset, used 0,8 line width and 0,4 nozzel. How to change this? Using Cura to slice it.

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the corset is sufficiently thin that simplify3d produces holes in the front. other slicers perform differently around thin walls, so use something else to slice the corset.


Or you can just change the Extrusion Width parameter to something around 0.36 in Simplify3D (Extruder settings tab).

except that my machine has a tip w diameter of 0.4mm...

So does mine (MP Select Mini) and it just works, you should try it and see for yourself :)

even with cura and a line width of 0.42mm, am getting holes in the front of the corset. what line thickness and slicer are you using?

Awesome design ! Thank you
Can you give us led reference and print settings ?

do you have any raft setting suggestions? I am using makerbot 5th gen 3d printer

This is incredibly pretty and original and should have more likes.

Hi! great gift for Valentin's day. What do you advise for infill ? I've allready done the stand at 100% infill.

infill can be at 15 or 20%. With the shell thickness it's more important, not to be on the thinnest level. But rather on something like 1 mm. That should be enough for the walls.

Happy Valentine's day

Almost done printing this out. I am on the third print of the hooks because the original size was way too big for the holes. I am printing at 90% scale now. Hopefully this will work. The design is great and the corset and stand printed out beautifully! Thanks!

Also, thank you for the wiring hole!

Printed the corset piece last night, had the ABS crack along the top layers of the bust, causing the holes where the hooks go to be snapped off or deformed. Printing the base now, and will then print the hooks and see what I can do about it. Might be able to drill out new holes, or might just end up reprinting the corset piece. I agree, the lace and boning hidden inside is a nice touch.

Thanks Joshuaobelenus,
printing bigger pieces in ABS can sometimes lead to cracking along the layers because of cool air. A good way to keep warm air around your print is enclosing the printer of put the whole thing in a closet like i have at home.

Tried to print one full-size corset, but the filament got stuck on the spool. It got printed only halfway up.

Edit: Went into NetFabb and sliced it where it stopped printing. Going to glue the two corset pieces together.
Also NetFabb complained about some errors in de mesh. But it fixed it. Couldn't exactly see what it was complaining about.

Thanks for noticing. I did found the mesh that caused the errors in NetFabb. It was a lost piece of geometry inside the Corset.
I've removed it in 'Corset_V01.4'
I'm excited to see how your print turns out to be.

Great that you found the mesh error. I will upload a MAKE as soon as it is finished.

Edit: I've printed the corset and the hangers already at 100% scale.

How is your print going, did you ran in some problems?

I like the lithophane treatment on the inside, very cool.