Ferrari F1 Steering wheel (Logitech G25 base)

by LocalwarCorp Mar 10, 2015
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I dont have a 3d printer

Could i pay somebody to make me one ?

Do you think it's possible to cut the main pieces in halves and glue them? Would it be strong enough?

Is it compatible with the more popular direct drive wheels like the AccuForce? Unlike Logitech, they have a quick release option for sale.

The holes to attach the wheel have a 50 mm separation,this measure is the same in the Logitech g25 motor base.

The Accuforce quick release have a 70 mm separation as far as i know,since is announced as standard.I´m not 100% sure since i don´t have a Accuforce to check out.
If you can confirm me this,i can upload a part with this separation.

Anyway if you plan use the wheel in a Accuforce,maybe you must use the 2016 version since the base of the wheel is thicker to reduce the flex caused with the direct drive higher forces.
I´m using the new version with a OSW direct drive since 3 months and works great.

Let me know and i can modify the 2016 part too,no problem!!

Hello budy, how are you? great job, you can tell me if the base fits in the G27?

Hello.The holes in the base are at 50 mm of the center.
Since i know this distance is the same in the G25 and the G27,so yes it must fit.

Hello! Which Quick release did you used? Do you have the datasheet? Thanks

Just to know, how much is thick the rear part of Body.stl? It flex a little?

The part measures 2.6 mm on the flat zone and 7.6 mm on the central hub.
No noticeable flex for me with this values.

First of all,thank you,i´m glad you like it.

The body measures are 224x194mm.

According the specifications,if fits a Ultimaker2 (230x225mm) but no a Ultimaker (210x210).But i can´t corfirm since i don´t have one to try.
If fits yours good for you!

I´m use Sketchup time ago at basic level.I´m comfortable with him,but after a bit of web search i´dont found a good way/plugin to convert the .skp to .stp.Maybe someone could help with this?
Anyway,anyone can do anything with the files.Feel free to upload a conversion or give a tip of the way to do it.

I am not a active member of any sim racing community,but i have been inspired with the work of others,example:




I seize the moment and apologise for my english.I hope is understood at least:)

This is really really awesome. Thankyou. I have a ultimaker and the 3 piece design works good for 200x200 build area.

I hope, that when the design is more final you could upload a .stp so it is more easy for others to modify the design to fit for different FFB wheels or other mods. I think this is really great.

Is there a sim racing forum where you share this stuff?

I will check back later.