Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by philsson Mar 10, 2015
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Wow, this looks like something ready to pounce, so i will make this.. I do hoever have one question on look.. the front, or middle arms for the motors... the front are upside down and you dont get to see th tressle work built into the design.. or the other way around if it is the middle we look at....

Do you have any files that had the tressles lined up to match both arms... thanks mate..

it is just for looks, and I wish I knew how to do so.

You are correct. It was made so to be printable on most printers. Unfortunately I can't share the source files but maybe you could find some tool to import them into and fix it. Maybe fusion 360 could be a good choice.

Pardon if I ask, but, what kind of hardware and circuitry do I need to use?
What kind of screws, what battery, what circuit and control boards, etc?
I ask as I do wish to make this and fly this, but I am first making a list of parts for obvious reasons.
Do you think you could help me there?

Hi. It is written in the description. The control board is preferably some Betaflight/Cleanflight capable board.

OMG i just got make this who cares if it don't fly lol GREAT WORK

Great idea, i've spent today the whole day to get this thing up in the air, configuration on librepilot is tricky, but works.
unfortunatiely this thing does not fly!

did you designed it in solidworks?

Yes, its designed in solid.
Has been proved to fly by a few people, but the rear propellers tend to get damaged as it is hard to land perfectly flat.

Hey, what size is this drone considered? like a 500 or 600?

A 300 I would say.

Also, what are you using to support the FC platform below?

It is a printed bay. Look in the thing files :) And normal nylon standoffs to reach down

Great, thanks. I was trying to figure out what the standoffs were. Would it be possible to print those as well?

It would be but they would never be strong enough if printed standing. And lying down the threads would be difficult to make. They are real cheap to buy and are also real strong in nylon or even aluminum so I'd recommend that.

May I just say I love this design! I have printed and assembled the airframe. I am now sourcing all the electronics and motors etc to finish the job! Thanks for sharing an original look to an awesome flying machine. :D

No trouble at all. :) There seems to be a problem for most with the rear props being to close to the ground. Maybe you can find a way around it. I have not put any time into changing the design there. Good luck with the build!

I am quite interested in this thing, and would like to use it to learn how to use software like draftsight (or, pick and recommend your favorite open source design software product) to make my own designs. For example, I'd like to load it in to such software and modify this design, lengthening it, and making it an H-frame (the motors on each side being in a single line), and instead of having the rear arms on an angle, angle the motor mounts instead, so all the motors can be in the same plane. I will also want to put the front motors on the same angle as the rear ones. Finally, I will want to learn how to make motor mounts that can accommodate any motor from an 1104 up to a 22XX, or even a 35XX, in a coaxial configuration. Picture the front and back pairs of motors on a 30 degree angle, with the middle pair of arms sporting coaxial motors. Can you assist me in my studies to learn how to make designs like this?

Unfortunately I cannot assist you in redesigning it as I'm not allowed to share the source files with my current license. You'd have to use and modify the STL files and I lack experience doing so. They seem to be many mods you want to do there. Maybe easier to redesign it from scratch? You are free to use any inspiration you'd like from my design.

if i were to use a Naze 32 on this what would be the best motor layout to use? is there a pre-made one so people can access it?

hexa will work. Use higher pitch on the rear motors.

hello to everyone, on my profile I added a video of the first flight ...... my esa is a bit heavy, the new version will add more light. but the main problem is the rear propellers too close to the ground, the risk of breaking them is really very high. it would take a modification to increase the overall height from the ground.

Link here
Nice man! Running 3S or 4S? Can recommend 4S on your setup.

by Ale77

Can i chuck a naze 32 onto this? allready printed most of it just waiting for the esc controllers to arrive

It should work. If you run cleanflight you can even make your own configurations for motors.

Hi, I began the assembly of motors, esc, etc.... In few weeks, I hope, the first fly. I post photos in my profile. You feel free to give me any kind of suggestions.

That sounds wonderful. Looking forward to see your progress

Sorry to sound like an idiot... But does it fly??? As in, is this a working model, and how did you get the screws in for the back 2 motors???

There is a flaw in the first version of part "bak". It has a version 2 which allows access to the motors screws. I might make a working version in a week or two.

What hardware do you need for this build? The arms look quite thick, what size motor bolts?

This is described in the "instructions" section. The design is overall too strong and might change with updated versions of individual parts. Bolts are m3.

What an unusual design, I love it!
Will definitely be printing one of these in the next week or so. I'll keep you updated with how I get on.

Thanx, I'd like that.

Any news on a working prototype?

unfortunately not yet, but it wont be long. Hopefully this month. I will update here as soon as it is built.

Really nice work! I love the V-tails! Make a flying prototype some, soon! And a video!

Thank you! It will be in a month maybe. Hang on there ;)

It really looks badass man. I love it. But where are the files?

My bad fdaremi. They are back up now. Mistake of mine.

Philsson as we discussed in our emails send me your parts list and we can go from there

When this is made I must see your list of non 3d printed parts, I must make one of these racers!

Saving up to build it.

When do you think that there will be a functional prototype?

maybe at the end of April

There's some screw access issues, especially with the rear motors.

New part uploaded

you are right. I'll have to remake the design of the rear. Maybe I'll post an update later today

What are the screw sizes designed in your frame? Can you list quantity and lengths?

All are m3 but I do not have a list of lengths. I might update with that later.

yea i would love to market it as a ready to fly i would changed the pitch to 45%

As long as I get credit for the design and a link here is included in marketing. ;)

i will give all the credit and this site if u could email me at dndaerial@gmil.com i would like to convers with you

i am really digging the V-hex and have someone printing a few of these frame if that's ok with you anyway i want reading n the comments about the rear motors have you figure it id so willl you be sharing i plan to use a pixhawk in one a kk2 in another and maybe a naze mv 2 in another

Cool you are printing already! This design I did as part of a competition to win a 3D printer.
The hexa setup should work with props with more pitch in the back but it might not bee needed depending on controller and where you put your center of gravity. The pixhawk might be a little too big for the mounting plate though but maybe you can just skip some of the bolts and it might be alright. Keep me posted on how it goes!

Great design, really looks badass and pure awesome. I really like the copters with extra motors providing extra lift over the CG, and I love how you have intergrated this into a V-tail design. I have heard that the KK2 board have intergrated V-tail support, where it takes advantage of the angled rear motors for increased yaw control, but I havent looked that much into V-tails yet. What sized motors and props did you have in mind when designing this beast?

Thanx for your comment. It has 2204 and 2300kv motors in mind with 5x3 props besides the back where they should be 5x4 for better lift. If combining different props like this it might not need special treatment in firmware.

I really like the idea, but I have to say I question the functionality... The back two motors, especially on a tilt, will not provide ample thrust to counter act the 4 front motors. Also, I'm not sure how you plan to run the 4 front motors in parallel pairs. Connecting 2 to each esc would not work, and neither would connecting both signal plugs to the flight controller. I'd suggest running it as a hex setup on a flight controller such the kk2.1.5 on which you can controller how much controller each individual motor has over thrust, yaw(rudder) etc. You'd have to set it to a hex setup, and then reverse the two upside down motors' directions so they act as if they are right side up. You'd give the back two almost 100% control over yaw movement, and it would still fly as a vtail, and you'd have to expirement with how much thrust power/control to give each motor to balance it out. With the middle two near the axial CG, currently if the back two and front two had the same thrust power, it would just do somersaults if it even managed to get in the air, since the tilted motors would provide so much less upwards thrust. Then, you'd have to lower the thrust range of the front two until they were balanced out with the back two, and the middle two could possible stay the same and act as upward thrust control only. And with the thrust of 4 full motors, and less thrust from two, and are lowering the thrust of the front two, then say you have 5 motors worth of thrust total with that but you are still drawing 6 motors worth of power. Basically you wouldn't be able to carry a large enough battery to have acceptable flight times. Those are just my thoughts on how you could actually make this work, although I love the design!

also, looking at more of the pictures, you may get unwanted vibrations in the tail end.

Your worries have reason. I have been thinking about the design for quite some time and I know it might need some programming. The forward motors have almost 100% thrust even being tilted 12 degrees (98% thrust) while the back only give 70% with 45 degree tilt. It means the back motors need to work exactly 40% harder witch can be regulated with either the placement of the battery or with gain in software. Though if the differences get small it might not need compensation.
Regarding the two mid motors, if they are close to CG they wont interfere with the control. If they are connected in quadx setup then the z-axis (axis of rotation or yaw) of the copter would be somewhere between the CG and the back as well as the pitch which might be a little unresponsive. The roll will have no negative effekt being in quad configuration.
Using 5x4" props in the back and 5x3" on the rest will compensate for the lost 40% thrust and hex setup might work good as well

That mostly makes sense, though I still cant figure out how you'll run the motors in parallel. I dont think you can Y split the servo plug for control, mainly because the power will be split and the frequency messed up. Let me know what you come up with! Should be interesting :)

it depends on where the CG is placed. Take a look at the 5 armed tricopter. You might be right anyways and I am also not fully sure about my assumptions, but hexa setup should be quite easy.

Yup hexa should work well.

не представляю как это будет летать, правда :D