Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Tank (Modular)

by xbrutisx Mar 11, 2015
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UPDATE 5/25/2015
Seems I needed to do more homework before committing this entirely. As I've ran into two issues thus far, but have alleviated them.
The L239d chip does not put out enough amps for the motors I purchased, so I've upgraded to the L6205D, which also entails of not only the chip, but 6 capacitors, 3 resistors, and 2 diodes. I did a test run off of the one battery (7.2v 3000mAh NiMH battery) and one motor, and it fared well. However this new chip requires 8-52v in, and the battery is not that. So the motor ran for a good 30 second full power burst before the capacitors drained. I'll just purchase another of the same battery and put them in series to solve the power issue.

Also, the Pi camera, well, is just that, not a web camera. So even with a hack I found that allows to streaming pics from the camera, the best you can do is 10fps... as one would imagine it would be impossible to drive any type of highly maneuverable drone at 10fps... so I have to get an actual web cam to mount, and it will utilize one of the USB ports on the Pi so that will make things a bit easier, as mounting the pi camera was easy, but running that darn ribbon cable through the chassis an getting it mounted into the pi is nothing less than a HUGE Hassle, however it can be done, just takes a little time and fines.

I've updated the "camera case mount" to 3.0 and the "top mid 2 bracket for pi" as of 3/11. (I modeled the first camera case and Pi bracket before I actually had the camera, so I went off specs found on the internet.) Turns out I was a few mm off on the camera case in a few places and I have corrected that. I also made slots in the "top mid 2 bracket for pi", one slot for the camera's 16mm ribbon cable to go from the top of the tank to the under side, and one slot for the HDMI in case I decide to use it.

Very nice and great job. I myself have been into the RC world for 25 years and fly heli's and plains all the time along with over 20 ground pounders from nitro's to Li-Po's I have em. I take it you used PLA??

Yes, PLA. I am fairly new to 3d printing, and was going to build a version of RepRap, but after hearing about all the head ache from co-worker/friends, owners of RepRaps, I decided otherwise. A majority wish they started with a manufactured 3d printer and then worked their way into a RepRap or something similar, as they all had some type of issues while making their printer. So I took that info, did some research, and decided on the Makerbot Mini, which comes setup for PLA, so that is where I started. I have not used ABS, however, after watching videos, and seeing how ABS has more flex and is less brittle, I think I may want to use it on some future projects.

I have since updated the left and right mid side center pieces to account for the bend in the treads as you can see from the top pic. I moved the single bogie wheel assembly out about 15 mm from the center. You can see this modification reflected on the current left and right mid side center pieces for download.