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Reprap remote control & monitoring : Doboz-Web

by ckaos Mar 20, 2011

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The link takes me to a 404 page...

We set up some fail-safes. For the highly hacked unreliable or the very paranoid or the just rightly cautious maybe a home system remote fire extinguisher for the system.

But, I'm fully interested in remotely controlling my bot. I'm frustrated that when my pc is connected to the bot via USB/Serial I can't access the SD card. What's up with that? We should be able to mount and access it like any other drive. Then until all is done we can 'remotely anywhere' or vnc
to control our bots.

I'm all for just having a usb plugin which puts the bot on the net. Then I can access IT without a secondary device. That would mean to - software - imbed a server. Just what ckaos is doing?

If the revolution is going to develop then from anywhere I am with my smartphone or a
net connected pc I (We) should be able to have a brain fart and quickly and immediately and remotely make it real. :-D

I can't imagine ever trusting a system like my machine to print remotely - as spacexula put it, "Sitting at work and watching a giant mound of smoking plastic grow and catch fire [at home via webcam] is not my idea of fun."

But I still think this is a /really/ good job and maybe useful from as far away as the kitchen. A lot of people have expressed interest in a system like this on IRC, and as much as it's been discussed, I think you're the first to do it.

Thanks a lot ScribbleJ!

I can understand the concern, these machines tend to make us quite paranoid as far as security goes:)

But i believe that repraps tend to get more reliable over time (i just finished a 30 hour print session on my less than fast repstrap with glitchy electronics and i am still here) so these type of system will become more and more needed in the future.

Also as you said it , it is usable from another room , for workshops , fablabs etc

An added bonus with this server client approach is that it is multiplaform, and there is no risk of accidently shutting down a print since the ui is completely decoupled from the actual gcode sending process.

This would be quite useful for me. My makerbot is in the basement and the computer that I do most of my cad and skeinforging on is upstairs and I frequently would like to be able to monitor the print from upstairs.

that would be a quite adapted use for the system, makerbot firmware support is not in yet, but i can drop you a line if you want to give it a go as soon as it is compatible :)


How much processing power on the server end does this require? Could it run on say a plug computer or a router running openwrt?

Hello Jag!

Funny you should mention plug computers, as that is EAXCTLY what i plan on running it on :) I am currently waiting for my second sheevaplug for deployment tests.

For now though this experimental version still uses lot of brute force polling methods so not so sure , BUT all the refresh rates (task progress, webcam image update etc) are completely settable , and future versions will use websockets or longpoll so requirements will be even less

I did not run into too bad performance on an old EEEPC 1000h either.