Pi Illusion Cup

by mathgrrl Mar 11, 2015
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Yes, great I made one. Didnt read your full description. Printed well. I thought the answer was going to be the same. Guess though!!! of course it looks to be taller than the circumference. Got calipers out, measured diameter, Pi d - got circumference, measured height. Rechecked again and once more. Yep the circumference is slightly of higher length value than the height. Printed mine to be just 1 inch wide, came out at 1.094. I can live with that. Anyhow it is going to be my pen holder. Great job...mathgrrl

Cool! I love math/engineering. But I am wondering, how did you get the "Get This Printed" button?? I was drawn in by your cover photo banded with the 3dhubs logo

ok, i will print it the next time i get a chance and ill tell you how it comes out

ok good. will it actually hold water r is it just a decoration? it is really cool either way.

I have never gotten any FDM printed part to hold water (only tried <= 3-4mm thick walls though). Some seem like they do but it just takes a week to seep through. Then if it's a translucent plastic, you see mold grow in some time :O

I used polyurethane to coat anything I wnat to be water tight.

I think it would hold water... at least as first. Not sure if the PLA would hold that forever or if it would leak through. Also not FDA approved for drinking from, etc. It's a good pencil cup, especially if you want to hide most of a pencil.

are any of the parts over 6x6x6 and how long does it take to make

It's just under 5 inches tall, and that's the longest dimension. It took me just under two hours to print on a Rep2.

Nice demo of new functionnalities in Openscad

try this ;-)


b = 0.05;

linear_extrude(height=bfactorpi/3, twist = btwist, slices = bfactor){
polygon(points=mypoints, paths=[myorder]);
text( "Hap \u03C0",
size=factor/6, font="Futura");
text( "\u03C0 Day",
size=factor/6, font="Futura");