3D Printer Battle Wounds

by DanLuc Apr 9, 2013
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Wow, clearly natural selection should of taken most of these people a long time ago....... #ModernMedicalScience

bru I burned a hole into the top of my hand at like 4:30 am once. it was not fun

We need proof lol. But I think the video would be funnier

Ye who doeth not try doeth not fail!
Be proud!

What are you people doing with your printers that needs stitches! Seems like bad knife techniques more than just printer mishaps.

This is what happens when you don't wear gloves lol. The knife will slip no matter the technique at one point or another.

I have absolutely no idea why i've added that to 'Things to Make'

I know why, its because you can

I must say that some of these are just brutal.

4 people added this to their "Things I Like" folder. :)

As long as it's not "Things to make" ;-)

Can't believe 307 people have downloaded it !!
What's that all about ???

I catch my fingers in the extruder fan nearly every day, that little bugger is -sharp-. Also have a nice little burn/pock mark on my thigh where I got too enthusiastic when melting PLA filament into a point (You know, for changing filament?) and a molten flaming blob dropped on my bare leg.

That was great fun showing off to people. -T

Oooohh Ow, I have almost the same scar, just a cm further down my thumb.
Chisel slipped trying to get a part off the platform.

I've stabbed myself a few times. Mostly it happens when I try to remove small parts of the support material with my fingernail. A small piece will get underneath mail nail and get me.

And I thought my scars were bad lol. Way to go people.
One day when we can make a RepRap powder printer the war will be won.

3D printers are mean to tools aware people. multi left-handed ones need rehab first ;-)

I usually either burn my fingers, or get plastic stuck under my finger nail digging up a raft. Yes, I have a spatula but I get excited!

I have yet to cut myself, but I have burned my hand twice trying to remove objects from the bed.

Print some protective gloves.

Actually, the printer came with a pair.

Im not surprised