Table Saw for Dremel 4000 (with adjustable drill bracket)

by oikos Mar 13, 2015
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Dear sir, I have been amazed with your design, in advance I thank you for sharing it. As soon as I saw it I set out to do it and everything works perfectly but I found myself having an inconvenience when using my moto tool tools, I own three, a dremel 8200, a bauker and a black and decker, the support part of the mototool has the front part an inclination that prevents me from properly screw the tool to the support, it would be possible for you to provide me the file to be able to make the modification in solid work of the support and thus be able to enjoy it to the fullest. I appreciate your collaboration and have a good day

hey, excellent file :P one way to improve it in my opinion would be to add a adjustable side support with measurements. english is not my first language, so i don't really know how to explain it... common on bandsaw´s like this one;

I have good news for you, another version is already in preparation with lateral and rotary guides.
It still remains the test phase then I will post the final files.
still a little patience ...

the thing to the left of the sawblade in the picture

Close enough to what I'm looking for. I'm interested in a setup where I could secure a rod/screw/nail, and slide it down vertically into the blade so that it gives a clean cut. Any ideas?

Rod saw, with Rotary Tool Flex dremel 225
by oikos

:o SUPER!!! thanks for your awesomely quick response :D

Hey, oikos, cool thing! Thanks!
Have you thought about inverting the screws position so that the bolt heads will be on the top, and the screws will be on the bottom, lifting the platform? So that bolts do not stick out so much?

Sorry for the late response,
When I have a little time I planned to redraw the bracket ... patience

Hey oikos. I love this design but I can't use it because I own a chinese die grinder instead of a Dremel. If possible, could you send me the step file for the drill holder? Or any other adjustable CAD format? I'll have to alter it a bit to match my drill.

My email address is mufaddal.marvi52@gmail.com
Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Ok I added the step file in Thing Files ;)

Found it. Thanks again! :D

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Would be nice if you gathered all the relevant files in this one to make it easier for people to figure out :)
Great Work in any case!

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Hi could you please explain how the threaded rod should work? Is there a nut inside the top of elevators? Why don't you prefer a bolt in the knob rather than a self blocking nut and a threaded rod? Should the enlarged rod be free to rotate in the base? Thank you!

yes, there is a nut in the upper part. For threaded rods, I am with what I have at home, but effectively with a round head in good dimmension be better!

Could you please supply the step file for the Adjustable_Drill_Support? Unfortunately I can't print any larger than 150x150x150mm (better would be 140x140x140)

do you think, a proxxon fits?

I have not tried to but it should work to sharpen the blades ... test!

not particularly, I let the default parameter (Slic3r)

is there a recommended layer and shell size?

Thanks oikos! Took your ideas, adjusted for the Dremel 3000, and added a few features! This has helped me in the man cave a lot!!!

Can this be used for dremel 300?

If Is Dremel 3000, Logically it is compatible but I'm not sure... However, you can print as was done "masteruan" by stopping printing before the end here: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:135608 ;)

Table saw for Dremel 4000 (with drill bracket Fixed)

Ok will try to print it as normal and if not will try to stop it, thank you :D

Ok so for everyone with a Dremel 300 it doesn't fit, so better stop it before finishing :D

I'm about to redesign it to fit the dremel 200, which is a bit bigger than the 4000. I'll post the files, maybe it'll fit your 300

Hi! do you have a complete list of hardware needed? Size of the threaded rods? Springs, etc?

Sorry for the late response.

In metric unit.
So you need 4 threaded rods M8 x 80mm
8 nuts M8
4 springs Ø int : 11mm / Ø ext : 14 mm

This set up makes me think of whether or not some sort of dado set up could be achieved, thanks for the inspiration.

I had already thought to do but I have other plans right now ... later can be!

On the video not, but on the photos ... Yes ;)

This is really cool but why not add an adjustable fence like a regular table saw? It would be much easier to cut things if you could push one end up against the fence and if it was adjustable you could easily set the width/dimension to cut to.

You uploaded this new version to show that the drill height is now adjustable to cut different heights but you didn't actually adjust the height during the video..