Prism: A Modular Backsplash System #CountertopChallenge

by MinnesotaMade Mar 13, 2015
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Wonderful idea and concept I will probably start this in my kitchen very soon will post pictures and updates as I go.
\Thanks for the Amazing Project.

Any update on plans for making a click together system?

As of right now we made a "hexagonal" snap together piece ..... the thoughts were to make different colors and making a mat for the counter top or table, other than that we have been working on other things.

Love the design! Is it possible to get the files with the correct scale? It looks like they were exported in mm and it is SUPER Small when I try to populate into a slicer software. I can't seem to get all of the triangles to be the correct size and match up..

Thanks for the awesome project!

Hey! Interesting I have't come across that, I use MakerWare which allows me to convert from mm to inches and vice versa. I can look into this, otherwise you could just rescale by the same amount every time, the edges are 2" if you wanted to do it that way.

Hy friend, did you already have done somthing because the scaling. greetings.

I'm also having issues with the scaling. Even if I scale the planter and the triangle pieces by the same percentage, they are not the correct proportions to each other. Any thoughts?

Love it! Very original!

Nice :) also nice use of colors. However, they could've just been hollow on the inside ;)

The last picture of the black ones is also a bit boring. Especially compared to the first few colorful ideas. Imo it's not necessary to show the last example.

^ I printed the triangles with 15% infill and the larger pieces with 10% infill. I'm sot sure what your definition of "hollow" is, or how you'd be able to tell whether or not the triangles were filled or not just by looking at the pictures ... LOL. The last picture is a render to demonstrate that they can be used in a variety of ways and colors, as the user will select the best fit color.

I actually really like the last picture, with the black tile's. It look's really good in that kitchen. Nice sleek modern type design. I bet it would look great all the way up.

Comments deleted.

This is such a neat, beautiful and functional design! Brilliant work!

For now we used 3M "Beads" which are clear and water resistant and can be used over and over again. For the future we will make a snap-together mounting system.

How do you attach these to the wall?

In my opinion, this is the best one yet in the challange. Very smart design.