Smoke + playstation

by skydge Mar 15, 2015
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This is what the kids call a pro gamer move

We need one for joints

You should update your design with a E-cigarette version ...but wait ..getting probably too heavy

Can you make model that fits 2 cigs ?

Of course,, hehe, but,,, so you need two ?? how would it be, one on top of the other, or one on each side of the finger?

la solucion a todos mis problemas, gracias

I started smoking again just so I could use this.......just kidding, smoking is bad for you, quit smoking now! You can do it!

this is a awsommmmmeeee idea

Brilliant. I've found this gadget is absolutely cross platform. It also works with PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Just a miracle.

This model is SUPER tiny in my slicer(MatterControl), for me I found that scaling up by 10x was about right, YMMV

Yes, it depends on which programs come out smaller.
It is solved by scaling it by x10.

What is the original size? Because the smokeflys only have 3mm

oow thats great design for smokers :) İ wonder that can i buy this material on internet? because we re addicted of smoking especially when i m playing playstation :) Where can i buy on internet?

Thanks a lot cerberuss!!

Jjajajajaj que grande eres, has hecho feliz a muchos amigos mios jajaajajaj:P

hola, sabrias decirme porque a la hora de hacer el slicer , me deforma la pieza? esque estoy intentado imprimir este sujetaporrillo jajaja y me lo deforma completamente.

Que programa usas? A mi cura y slic3 me dejan muy bien las piezas. De normal uso cura para filetear y pronterface para imprimir

This is inspiring.
I wonder if a shoulder mount is possible. Turn your head slightly... and take a puff.

It is possible and is also a good idea (next design ... hehe)

Thanks. Even my jokes are good ideas :)

Smoke may drift into in the eyes...
I suggest incorporating a cigarette holder, to move the burning end farther away from the face.

Awesome, I wish I still smoked.

I was thinking the same thing, this would have been so useful before lol

I too have to like this for cleverness. Is this original or is this an old cigarette gadget?
Would have made millions back in the smoking heyday.

I'm not a smoker, but I just had to click 'like' for this. The mental image of someone staring intently at the screen and continuing to mash the buttons as they bring both hands up to take a drag is just beautiful :-)

im not a smoker also, but share the opinion.
although its simplyness i find this one of the most entertaining designs here found so far :)

If you need something like this, you have some serious issues with video game and cigarette addictions.

or you could just quit smoking LOL

is not the same :D