Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Robo Kitty v1.0

by Geoffro Mar 16, 2015
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v2 pleasee! is a great work!! :3

Is this still being worked on?

Can't wait for RoboKitty to be finished!!!

Hey Goeffro, Is this sanctum arts Robokitty from daz3d? Are you the Designer sanctum art?

Hi Cormonlonzerio,

As per the thing description:

"If anyone has ever used a program called Poser, they possibly played with a model called Robo Kitty by Sanctum art, released in about 2009. This low poly rigged figure, while ideal for poser was never really designed nor intended for 3D printing, but I have had a burning desire to rectify that and spend several weeks turning a solid low poly object , a high res prototype toy. I have put on hold many of my other projects to focus a bit on RK... I would like to make my next few uploads additions to him, like all the joints working. For now I have fused the parts. His head and arms are moveable. "

Daz3D practically is poser, it was the same program with a different team and front end. However it lacks alot of control.

Ah i didnt see! Thats pretty cool. I loved this model ever since the day i got it on daz3d. When i said daz3d i meant the website. But we get each other. I still have poser 2014 on my machine. Love it. Also, thanks for giving me a new name :) (jk)

lol, well you did call me Goeffro

LOL Touche brother! Touche! ;)

haha XD , im glad you have a good sense of humor, hard find these days mate :)

Is Robo Kitty 2.0 still coming out? :)

nice models, congrats.

before I start to print ... does it require supports ? and if the items as-is in STL are optimized to be placed as-is to the platform or there is a need to rotate those.

Thanks, waiting with patience your answers :-)

Did you ever finish robo kitty 2.0?

wow that's awesome, It reminds of of Gato from Chrono trigger a Robot kitten as well, you should model Gato it's awesome!

I inserted some thin metal rods into the leg and arm joints using a pin vice, then covered the ball joins in transparent nail polish to tighten the joints. This seemed to allow movement without the ball joints slipping too much. i look forward to Robo Kitty 2.0!

I'm kinda noticing how similar this is to the panda bots from the wargame infinity...

I might have just saved myself $20+!

I'm making this now- A little nervous mine won't come out good or I will some how mess it up. However, the body came out nicely and so did the eyes. Right now the head is printing. What an amazing creator!

Do you glue the sockets in?

I got my printer fixed just in time! Gen one and 2 can hang out together...

Hey, what material did you use to paint/colorize this?

Printed in Grey ABS, it has 2 undercoats of matte black and then just hand brushed ordinary acrylic paints, nothing special :)

Further comments :) i eventually worked out the head/neck.
I found the underside of the knees sliced oddly with cura. Probably a problem between the keyboard and chair there.
you may wish to consider rotating the angle of the arms for the final print. i found that at their current rotation, support was needed everywhere which for me, needs a lot of sanding.
socket parts will need glueing on my print, but the shoulders fit the sockets perfectly.
Is actually the hips that went wibbly after some movement on my print.
I will be basing robo kitty because i find the feet don't give me enough surface area to balance. yet to decide if im pinning him on one foot, or on both feet.
pics of the "straight print" coming once i pick out a base suitable for a robokitty

overall.. an amazing "version one"

thanks, im currently doing all the joints now, so there will be no set pose, all parts will print seperate and you can pose it however you wish! Elbows are printing now for their test, if that goes well I rework the rest of the joints. The hips are last on my list, they are going to be fun... :/

and by fun, we mean"ow my internal organs"
Went with a quick and dirty print of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:511204 for my base. Holds him beautifully

Guardians of the Galaxy / Star Lord Infinity Orb Electromagnet Display Base

Do i place the neck taper forwards or backwards on the neck? I cant quite work it out. Currently printing in white ABS with the intention of a very flamboyant paint job afterwards

The taper goes in at the chest side, so at the front.

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The parts that are difficult to print, you could try splitting them in half rather than printing them as is with supports. The seam of both halves would be covered too from the painting of the print.

As Vivanhood would say to me, Patience Grasshopper...

Very expressive indeed! I can't wait to see more. I've always toyed with the idea of making a robot kitty with the personality of my favorite pet, as if that would be possible ;).

hey, they way technology is going... who knows! we can only hope... I'm pretty cat obsessed!

Fantastic. I'm going to print for a friend's birthday. I'll upload a pic when done.

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Are there no moderators here anymore?? /fml.

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Very nice! A cute model which seems to have been sculpted perfectly.

Movable, not movable, your sculpting/modeling is as always very impressive.