Laser cutting materiale template

by Noloxs Mar 18, 2015
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Has anybody ever used Lightburn to do this calibration test? I can load it to Adobe Illustrator without any problems and therefore know that the file is working. However, when I import it to Lightburn the Engraving does not show up properly.
Thank you very much for this otherwise great file.

On the subject of a toothed test, you could have a piece that cuts/drops out and another area to match it up to. Just an idea.

How do you cut/engrave transparent plastic? my laser goes through ...

That depends on what kind of laser cutter you have.

But generally speaking, you should be able to define different settings for the different elements. So to engrave you need to define a setting for all the black/gray elements where you decrease power and increase speed. This requires that your laser cutter is able to do raster engrave.

Then cut out the red elements afterwards.

Once you then have your settings dialled in, add them to the field on top of the model, and make your final part which you can then use as reference.

Thanks for this design. Very nice.

Is it just me, or are the SVG holes/squares not accurate? When I download and open in inkscape the 10mm items are actually 7.54mm. The variance seems to be consistent, like it needs to be rescaled. Or am I just doing something wrong?

This is no big deal, I can adjust the holes/squares, but the bottom parts have me concerned.

FWIW, I was able to group all, lock the X/Y aspect and multiply the X value by 1.33 to resolve. I think the height ended up at a value of 201mm

Hello, I just received my glowforge a few days ago and have been looking forward to using your design to get a base for what it can do. I seem to be having a problem tho with the SVG file when I open it in inkscape. I have version 2.7.11. When I open it, its just a back rectangle with some of the wheel showing. Im not able to edit the jpeg you have. I was wondering if you know of something I am doing wrong? Thank you for the help and the file.

See below, have redrawn, hit me up if you need it.

I'm still waiting on my Glowforge to arrive in the next few weeks.

If you go into Inkscape and under View->Display mode, set it to outline and you can then see the pattern.

I'm not great with Inkscape but I just found out that you can leave the display on normal and change the Fill to No Fill for the main object. The design shows up perfectly that way.


I have a GF Pro. I have redrawn the design in Corel Draw already to fix a few other issues i had with the template. Message me on GF Forums (fineclonier) and I can send my redrawn version.

Great test part, thanks for sharing it!

Noloxs, first thanks! great job. If you would consider . adding a toothed section. for doing toothed joints. I find I spend a lot of time tweaking joints for different thickness plastics. this would entail having to have a second piece. to test the fit. but once you have one your set... for that thickness material.
I hope I explained this properly.

That sounds like that could be a great addition to the template.

I will try to think of a way to integrate it with the current design.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts

Thank you so very much for this. Seriously you are the best. Thanks!

You are very welcome

excellent contribution!!

I cannot open or import any of the files in Inkscape 0.92, does anyone have it in a SVG format that actually works for inkscape?

Wow looks great. I will definitely make this soon.

Comments deleted.

If your company is just going to steal my design for yourself without respecting the license.

At least don't act as if it is your design when I ask you to take it down.

Thank you for posting the jpg files

Trying to get this to work in RD Works (chinese laser cutter software) but with no luck. The system just wants to cut everything. Any assistance on the settings would be great as there are over 70 layers so far.


It sounds like you are not defining your cut and engrave lines correctly.
I do not have any experience with that specific laser cutter.

However you can try the following steps:

  • Verify that the laser cutter supports raster engraving.
  • Through trial and error find the correct cutting settings for your material
  • Through trial and error find the correct engraving settings for your material
  • Finally apply these settings to the models cutting and engraving parts

Hope this can help you move forward.
Best Regards

Ended up just remaking the engraving section to be small rectangles and not the circle. Works great now :D

I'm using the same software on a Boss laser. Could you share the file that you modified so I don't have to go through and fix the layers? greatly appreciated!

A boss laser uses a crappy chinese program? wow.. I can send you the rd works file, email me? info@3dmusketeers.com

It uses laserworks, which is basically the same thing as far as i can tell. Works well, just gotta get used to some odd error messages every once in a while and be able to read between the lines. haha, but i do really like our machine!

We just got a brand new Epilog and I will be giving it a test run on this template this week. Thank you for posting. This will be great!

A lot of our members have been looking for this type of test file for the laser. You have done a wonderful job on it. Would it be ok to post a link to this page from our facebook group " Laser Engraving and Cutting " https://www.facebook.com/groups/441613082637047/

Sure. Im just glad others could benefit from it :)

Great job! Just what I was looking for.