Zuzanna Lamp

by LeFabShop Mar 19, 2015
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Fantastic model! What software was used to design the model, and would you consider sharing the source file?

PLA - Vase mode. Came out fine overall, the top wasn't really nice for vase mode I guess, but can't see from the outside. Took 11 hours, 143cm^3 PLA. Used slic3r.

First of all: Great design. The lamp got me the first time I discovered it.

But, did you consider to make them walls SOLID? The problem is, it is considered to have a single 0.4mm inner and 0.4mm single outer wall and 0.4mm for the fill, which is just... My slicer (Cura) does have a hard live to create a sensible gcode.

What percentage of fill do you print it? 20% or more?
Thanks :)

I love this lamp! But I can print 15x15 =(.
Someone made it smaller?

Great lamp! Thank you! Have created a hanging parts for it: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2317510 feel free to try :)

Zuzanna Lamp hanging
by Edutv

Someone on the MP Mini Select forum on FB said they made it work by scaling to 60% and they could still get a light bulb in it. I might just try it! They used white PLA.

Will this fit a E27 bulb?

Great design! It looks awesome, I'll take a photo of mine when it's done!

Can anyone tell me why my print stopped half way on prusa i3 mk2?

It could've been overheated stepper drivers.

Printed well on my MK2, maybe you had a power loss?

What is the recommended infill?

This looks great printed in white ABS with 0.2mm layers. Thank you for making this design available.

Has anyone gotten this to slice without infil in the upper part of the model? I've tried Simplify3d, Slic3r and Cura and all of them is putting infill in the upper part for me. (layer 500+ at 0.2mm layer height).

I'm a newbie but can we print this using Replicator 2x?

what is this produce time?

pla 0.2 layer, at 85% size (i can't print 100%, the seconde head reduce my printable area, but at 85%, it's need a little enlarge top hole with cutting tool)

5 firsts layer speed 100 %
other layer : speed 300%
from layer 650 to the last : progressively reduce speed until 200%

Time : 10 hours

for me at 0.2 layer heigh it was almost 28 hours on Prusa i3 MK2S

Recommended layer height ?
any suggestions please

Beautiful and practical!!If you need to print materials and machinery, you can contact me.

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Thanks for the great model.

My slicer report 172.458 mm but you wrote 185 mm.. but i think that is ok the reported measure.. ? :)

Figured it out - for Zortrax M200, don't need support. We used support lite twice and failed twice. The final time we tried without support and it came out beautifully!

Hi Titaniumtommy, which parameters did you use to make the lamp?
I've tried with the spiral base configuration but it failed. I wish you can help me.

Thank you

Can this be printed without support on the zortrax? We've tried twice and the support fails each time (the actual object looks great).

Wow, not bad ;) thanks for sharing!

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I love this design! Could you upload a version that fits a 6x6x6 build plate and also still fit the standard socket?

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Will this fit a philips hue bulb (A19 bulb)?