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INSTANT BATHTUB CLEANER by ScribbleJ Mar 24, 2011

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My fiance tasked me with cleaning the bathtub, before tomorrow night.

Well, I made the ultimate error; I accidentally scrubbed one spot a little too hard and revealed to her that the actual stock color of my bathtub is not, in fact, off-white as I'd claimed, but white.

I did some quick mental math and realized I'd just finish scrubbing up the entire tub by tomorrow night if I didn't need time to sleep and my arms wouldn't fall off in the meantime.

So I came up with a way to make it go MUCH faster! I started out making a design for this, but as I got into it, I realized I already had a part on my shelf that was basically the same design... the old gear from this print:


Which didn't work in practice due to my inability to properly hob a bolt. But it would work here.!


Print he gear, get an M8 bolt of appropriate length, and some zip-ties, and one of the scrubbing pads of the style you see here, or possibly one of the metal type.

Put them all in a bag and shake it up until they fall into the proper configuration.

Or, to save time, construct manually to match the attached photos.

Use care in using this tool! You're using a power tool in a place that's normally full of water. Please be sure they do not come together! Also keep an eye on the pad so it doesn't come loose or catch on anything.

I've used this, it works BRILLIANTLY. It works even better with a paste of water and COMET or AJAX-type cleaner.

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simply briliant, true hacker/maker spirit

....great idea, and my tub is SREAMING for it!! :) no joke!!

The best tub cleaning method I've found (after many trials) is melamine sponges aka Magic Eraser, soap scum rolls right off. I get mine from the dollar store.

I can't believe your bath was that dirty! =-O

lol this is what Tim the Toolman would invent to clean the Man's Bathroom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnguL3DwPaMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Hahaha, that video is pretty great... and maybe it's time I thought about remodeling the spare bathroom...

1) CLR clear will remove that kind of scum with barely any effort.

2) Black
amp; Decker (and probably others) make a waterproof version of this ("Scum Buster", "Power Scrubber") when you decide to quit risking your nice drill...

Ben -

Those are good suggestions, especially the latter. I've tried every kind of chemical on my tub previously and it was just too far gone, really. But this Thing cleaned it like new; I'm still amazed at it every day.

Had I known there were products like this on the market, I still would have d
one it. Sure, there's the MacGuyver ethic to maintain, but aside from that, I'm just lazy and if I can do it with Stuff I Have Here, that's always a win. :)

agreed, Ben - perhaps you've found the wrong website :) ScribbleJ has found the optimal path to solving the problem.

(small print, optimal != most efficient) :P

He's right, you have missed the point - don't go to the trouble of buying a thing when can spend a whole lot more time, effort and money to make the thing yourself!


I am going to need to collect your hacker badge.

The internet.

A great idea. Buying a house over the next week or so. The bathroom needs attention and a powertool is ideal! Basically, I'm going to bodge the bathroom while concentrating much more on the kitchen. The quicker the bodge the better :-D

When the lady eventually insists I clean the oven, this'll be the first thing I go to. :)

You may want to try a different bathtub cleaner. Look for one that specifically says "soap scum remover", comes in a spray bottle. Most people are surprisingly unfamiliar with this, but it dissolves away that layer of seemingly insoluble crud with no scouring.

LOL i'm using that gear design for something too. It's a good design and prints well.

This is an utter perversion of a technology designed to make things of abstract value, that have to be explained in great detail, educating the audience to bring them up to speed on how things are in the FUTURE!

This is going backwards! You are making PRACTICAL work for MENIAL things! AGH!

I am going to sell my Makerbot and run for the hills before I have to stoop to this level of request. I think that the only potential I ever have of pursuing a similar hobby, thanks for killing this one, might be plank
ton feeding and mating studies in the dead sea.

I hope you are happy.

Holy crap this is brilliant. Don't tell my wife though, next thing you know I'll be scrubbing the baths.