The Greyhound

by JPH Apr 13, 2013
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I can with the servo MG996R ?

Probably the worst design I've seen in all my time I spend looking through designs on Thingiverse. What was going through you head with this one?

exactly the same thought i had reading this comment! AMAZING!

No need to be rude.

seriously this took you a year to make? lol

Seems like some lever switches on the feet would be helpful, so you now when the foot has touched the ground? In the video, it seems that one of the feet was consistently stopping short of the ground.

How about some momentary pushbutton switches with a rubber bumper to simulate a dogs paw pad. The switches could be normally open momentarily closed so as to register contact with the ground etc.

More importantly is the approach to programming. Is it running a fixed sequence of preprogrammed motions devoid of a feedback loop, or is it a full blown behavioural based program needing a few tweaks? I would suspect a fixed sequence since we are discussing adding switches.

I feel inspired.

Looks like there are nice mounting holes already at the end of each leg, so it wouldn't be hard to add a "foot" with whatever sensing you needed.

The Leg Lab robots (http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/leglab/robots/robots.html) used elastic actuators to help give a more natural motion. Perhaps a sort of passive springy foot would help; then you could just measure the foot displacement (using something like https://www.sparkfun.com/categories/143) to measure the force on the foot.

Looks like K-9 may have some competition.

maybe if you can program it to walk a bit faster :D.