Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by ikosen Mar 22, 2015
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hi, im about to build a polar and i have a cncshield.

I plan to use it with an UNO.

Using server_a1, have you changed the pins definitons or the cnc_shield is compatible with any of the already defined ones??


However, i am unable to set the parameters of the firmwire for the arduino uno (polagraph server1) , could you please give a link of your precise configuration?

Hi, great job!
Can you put a link to the firmware you used?
Do you think it is possible to use the cnc shield with Arduino uno?
Thank you in advance

This firmware is the one linked in the description https://github.com/euphy/polargraphcontroller/releases/tag/1.10.6a

Yes the CNC-shield with an UNO is no problem, I use that now actually.