Hex Shelf

by Mechaner Mar 24, 2015
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Maybe you can create another Y and X models with a hole that can be screwed to the wall for safety

Does anybody know how strong this is? Could it support say, 1kg per hex? 2? 10? I was looking to hold books, which are generally pretty heavy. Thanks!

I have no idea how strong my hex shelf is since it was designed to hold and demostrate my 3d printing stuffs. It is strong enough for me so far.If you want to make one to hold books, the plate should be thicker and larger than mine,which means enlarger the size before print it. Still have problems? Please let me know,maybe I can draw a proper one for you. Good luck!

Cool. I’ll print it out and see how much it can hold - making it thicker is probably smart. I’ll keep you posted!

3mm acrylic can be found at lowes in the USA~ it comes on very large sheets so check availability before printing parts.

It's convenient to get acrylic plates in which the city I live. If you can't get proper size, try to adjust the size to fit your plate before printing it.

what are the dimensions of the inside of the shelf brackets, i wanted to try and 3D print the shelves themselves so i wouldn't have to go out and buy materials

What about stability ? Do you use glass or plexi glass ?

Hello! Looks good! :)

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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a module for a bottom half cover plate to make it into a bin would be nice too.

Thanks for your suggestion. I had created 2 modules for making the bottom half into a bin. Enjoy it!

i actually ment vertical half bins so stuff does not fall out of the hexagons/backplate or they could be layed down horizontal for full storage bulk bins maybe a hinged remix version too hehe :) or a center brace too with no caps on it so people can scale it up and glue together. for storage bins a 6 star in the center would be cool too. now that would be a sweet hex builders kit.