Dice Tower with Fold-Up Trays

by 3DCentralVA Mar 24, 2015
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Looks good, just checking before I print it, is it supposed to take 50m at 1 day to print? 50mm/s 20% infill, supports through meshmixer. Or do I have something checked.

Nice job! Printed with the fixed sides (with pins). Very sharp looking!

I just printed this Dice Tower scaled up to 112%. Printing in PLA. Worked great! Only thing I had to do is use a heat gun to make the pins fit into the holes. Once they had some heat, it assembled easy. Thanks for sharing the files!

Should I enable supports when printing this in PLA? I feel like that's likely to be a mess when it comes to removal, but there are also a lot of overhangs. Any advice on that?

To answer my own comment, I printed one, and it did NOT need supports and did a great job. Kudos to the OP!

It was bothering me. If you cant print the pins in PLA. Then please try this alternative. I just took the classic design and removed the pins and kept the castle wall styling. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2376706

Alternative Tray for "Dice Tower with Fold-Up Trays"
by Execute

Highly recommend if the pins not working for you just print the tray from the original version. You lose the walls. Maybe 3DCentralVA can do a second tray like the original version that doesnt require pins?

This is a very well-designed print and came out nice on my printer. I never really like plastic pins for such things anyways (though kudos for including them). The holes are perfectly sized for 1/4" dowel pins that are commonly used in woodworking, and this proved to be an easy and cheap solution as opposed to printing the pins for anyone who's having those troubles. I expect non-U.S. folks could find 6mm dowel pins or something similar in size.

So does this just roll the dice for you? You can pick up the dice and drop them. Simple as that.

Sure, if you have the space to ensure the dice can land and not fall off a small surface. For more compact tables, this is great because it guarantees a good roll without having to chase after your dice.

little kids have a hard time rolling dice, especially more than one. This is fun for them to use.

you can also avoid buying a printer. this is to add another level of fun to games using dice. simple as that.

This print works great. I was able to use the stock pins as well just needed to use some tongue and groove pliers to help snap them in place. I printed this on a Robo 3D R1+ with 20% infill. I used support structures but honestly on the lids I think they caused more harm than good.

I cannot get this to print properly on my i3 mk2. It fails, 100% of the time. I have no idea why. Same slic3r profile as everything else I print. But this thing shifts, every time. I've got no idea why. http://i.imgur.com/WMFI7cP.jpg

Huh, that's a strange looking failure. Have you tried moving the print to a different part of your bed to isolate whether it is a slicing error or a mechanical one? I haven't seen that one before!

That's a good idea I'll have to try. Hasn't happened with any other objects though. Very strange

I had a similar issue with a print - check your bed cable

Thanks for the model, just letting you know I featured it as the first episode of my 3d printing show on youtube. Printed well, issues with pins, but not a big deal. https://youtu.be/1HirawHplxo

I've printed 4 of these now and have found that the pins are slightly too short. I dropped it into TinkerCAD and did a quick rework to make them just a little longer in the middle.


Nice design but I had some difficulty with the pins since I printed them in pla. To get them to work I soaked them in hot water and used pliers to smash down each side of the pin to get it to fit. Works just fine and they are really snug.

Sadly I've had difficulty printing this twice now, on my DaVinci 1.0 (with Repetier firmware). I'm following the suggested settings, but haven't been able to print the tower properly. When the z-height gets to the level of the pin holes, the print fails. Sadly I wasn't in front of the printer to see it, but looking at the output, it's almost as though something went wrong with the holes.

Anyone run into this?

I just had this issue last night with the exact same printer. Woke up to a tower about 60% finished. Any idea what happened?

I found that the ramps curl during printing and my fan cooler caught on my Any Cubic delta. I had to "smooth" layers as it printed to achieve the best result.

After 10 layers of doing this, I lowered my Extruder Temp by 10 degrees & print speed by 50%

Printed this in Laywood PLA. looks great.

This is a great design, but the pin broke one of the holes in the tray while I was pushing it in (100 micron resolution, ABS).

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Hey ! Nice Dice tower, could you tell me which the maximum size of dice we can use with the tower please ?

Thanks a lot,

Thanks for your interest! I have used many different D&D dice with this dice tower, but all standard size. I imagine any larger than normal dice won't fit though, because when I scale the tower down at all, the dice no longer fit. That is, dice about 1cm, maybe 1.5cm. I hope this helps!

Actual link to the replacement pins:


Replacement Pin for Dice Tower

And they work perfectly! thank you so much,

I made some pins to hold the trays in place. Quick and easy http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:738485

Dice Tower with Fold-Up Trays

Great, clean print with PrintrBot Simple Metal and 200 micron layer height. I made mine with PLA and just scaled the pins to 0.9 on the X-axis only and they worked brilliantly. Thanks for the awesome design.

Printed well in Colorfabb XT. However, the pins should be redesigned, they print horribly even at 0.4 nozzle, 200 micron layer height in XT. They look like they are the wrong pin and they take alot of effort to use. Tower printed using 0.8mm nozzle with 0.6 layer height at about 20mm/s. It came out looking like quartz crystal and very little cleanup.

Very solid print! Buccaneer 3D printer at 200 microns. Couldn't get clips to work though using PLA. Preasure I was needing to put on it was going to break tower. I will try abs for the clips once I get some.

I just received my Buccaneer 3D and I cannot figure out how to print from the thingiverse. Any help would be appreciated

Made two of these for my son and his friend. Printed perfectly with my Printrbot simple metal and Hatchbox PLA. Did need to put a little pressure on the clips to assemble it (used a pair of needle nose pliers).

Hey man, I just want to give you a thumbs up for actually making this printer friendly. You seem to know what you are doing with these designs! Just one minor problem with the tray stls. They seem to be missing some faces because my slicer does some funny things and prints in the air. It's all good though since I can just scrape those pieces off.