Spinning Life Counter with Numbers and Indicator

by 3DCentralVA Mar 24, 2015
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Just Found a nice solution scaled the counters by 1.1.
Left everything else the, same works Great.

If any one would like to use this I Took all the thing files and put them together in one file

I printed everything at 150%. The pin was a bit too large. I sized down the width and thickness a decent amount. Needed to superglue the pin into the caps.

I printed the dials and outside pieces at 130% and the middle pin at 127%. Lines up well and spins with enough friction to hold it still. Can be turned easily with one hand.

After reading the comments, I printed this out at 150% scale. The pin piece I printed at 148% scale after reading some people say it wasn't fitting. It was still a tight fit and required a rubber mallet to combine it all together, but after that it all works great. The counters spin just right - not too tight and not too loose at all.

I might try printing another one at normal size to see how it goes. At 150% it does feel a little bigger than necessary, like a kids toy.

If I were to suggest improvements for a remix, I'd say some design of some sort on the outsides would be nice since it looks a bit plain. Also the "indicator" tabs could definitely be bigger so its easier at a glance to see what the current setting is. Lastly, the indicator could be moved more toward the top. It'd be easier to read from a typical table viewing angle that way. Overall great, I'm currently using it as-is so these are just possible suggestions even though its already very good!

Printed with green PLA on the counters and black on the outsides for a good looking result. Used no supports and mostly my printer's "normal" settings in Cura. I did rotate the pieces in Cura so that they were printed as flat/horizontal as possible rather than standing up.

Hey, Makers! I made one of these at 1.3x scale. It turned out beautifully but I had issues inserts the pin through the counters without using some pretty hefty force. Of course, the problem is, since the counters spin on the pin, the tight fit makes it impossible to spin the counters. I decided to print a second pin and dialed back the scale to 1.25x. This was just enough to allow the counters to spin on the pin with ease. Hope this helps any future makers. Cheers!

Hey! This is awesome! For a school project of mine, I am making a trading card game and wanted to print this to use for the game. The only problem is that I need it to be 4 digits! do you think you could make a 4 digit version of this for me? or at least a middle dial? Thanks!

This one here might do what you need
It is held together in the middle by an elastic and you can add more wheels as needed.

Life Counter

I like this design, I wonder if it can be modified to use a peg?

Tolerances are a bit tight on this. I've made several for our group. The pins are are a bitch to get in, but do solidly snap in and stay in place. The holes for the counters however are a bit too small to fit over the pins. Drilling the centers out with a 1/4" Drill Bit will let them slide on somewhat snugly so they don't freespin too much.

I think cap_left might have some issues. When I import it into simplify3d it is missing quite a few planes. I might be the only one experiencing this.

I'm also seeing missing surfaces. Only problem S3D indicates is self-intersecting surfaces. I've not tried Netfabb or meshmixer to fix - too many other designs to try.

No, also missing them, ran it through Netfabb, worked fine after.

Hey guys! I'm that red headed kid that talked to you for like... 90 minutes. Your designs are AMAZING! I'm glad to have talked to you at the MakerFest thing last Sunday!