SMT Multimeter Tweezers

by adrian-bowyer Jun 22, 2009
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Wonder if it would be possible to design some plastic banana plugs, that just have one or two wires running up the sides, with plastic as the spring? Then you'd only need the hook up wire...

This is a great printable. I've wanted to make a set of these for a while (and especially now that I have a pile of SMT parts for the MakerBot Gen3 electronics).

Thanks for sharing this!


If you made a voltage/capacitance circuit for the Arduino (or friends) , you could have an automated SMD identifier...

Yes - I've always thought that an autoranging multimeter for the Arduino would be a good project. It'd probably need some extra components to make it work well (MOSFET switches, etc). You could obviously use the PC as the display down the USB cable; indeed, you might be able to put quite a bit of the smart stuff in the PC, so that the Arduino just blasted the component with a selection of frequencies and voltages, logged the results, and uploaded them for the PC to make sense of. If it could auto-detect the difference between capacitors and resistors that'd be really cool.

Exactly what I had in mind.

accurately identifying SMD caps would be great as they are not labeled ( as you have probably discovered when one ZINGED out your tweezers )

with some extra smarts you could check for diodes, led polarity. I had a quick look and could not find any existing multimeter projects (very quick).

Maybe we should poke Lady Ada so she can make shield that's a multi meter ?