Universal CD-car slot PHONE holder, mount. iPhone5, iPhone6 etc. Quick change!

by BerniApple Mar 26, 2015
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The fins look a bit thick, are you sure it wont damage the cd drive?

This is a really rad idea. I've modded it fit my Pixel XL and it's by far the best place to put my phone in any care I've ever had. I wish I had thought of this like, 20 years ago.

ahahaha it makes me feel really happy!
Enjoy and share


Made that iPhone X Qi charger for your holder.
Regards and thanks for sharing, Manuel.


iPhone X with leather case CD car QI charger

Wonderful design! I printed the phone holder for an iPhone 6 and used bondic and a heat resistant glue to glue the pieces together. After I year of use, the glue between the pieces gave away and the pieces fell apart. I then stitched the print files together into one file. The file is available as a .gx on https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2490306. Thanks for a great design!

Universal CD-car slot iphone 6 holder

Thumbs up and share ;)

This was a great print; super easy and with minimal work to get it to fit my phone.

If you want to add to it, I would suggest making a couple more plates that would allow for different viewing angles - I ended up modifying the plate a smidge so the phone would face me a bit better.

Other than that, fantastic work, I really needed this! Saw a store bought version in my buddies car and didn't realise these were a thing, so I figured somebody must have created a 3D printed version. Thanks for being that somebody.

Thanks a lot, and thanks for the tip.



This is awesome!! Now I don't have to re-print the whole dock every time my friends get a new phone or case!!

Thanks bro, your iPhone 6 cradle is awesome too!!

Are you shure, that it will not brake car cd/dvd? There will be pressure inside ...

you are right, there is some pressure on the CD frame but I used it for a month and it doesn't brake anything :)

Good! Can you share source of your cradle? My phone it 13 mm thick, 78 mm whide and 155 mm high :( (ASUS Zenfone 5 and bamper) :(
Or good idea is to use customizable holder like this :) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:67847

Customizable smartphone holder man

Dear Friend, unfortunately I haven't it, i just designed the phone holder. For the cradle see in the sources, there are the links where I picks them up. Enjoy! ;)
What do you mean with the thing that you share?