SLIDE | Smartphone Slider - Customizer Edition

by ibudmen Apr 15, 2013
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Good work! It looks like there is a motorized version (with object tracking) here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2866829 I thought you would like to take a look at it

WIFI motorized Camera Slider (with Tracking)

Id like to see either a nice handle, or maybe some kind of crank to make this smooth as hell and consistent speed. Made one, and love it though, thanks for the brilliant idea!

Would be great to have this work with a dSLR.

Can I modify it so it fits a DSLR ?

Hi all, if you are buying tight tolerance rod from McMaster, i would suggest editing the model to use two of these bushings:

MMC#: 2938T39

and one or two of these rods

MMC#: 8893K239

Can we get a LG G2 version in customizer?

could the customizer include a way to change the diameter of the rod? We have tons of 6mm at our school. I'll change it in CAD regardless but would be a nifty addition to this wicked design.

The customizer seems to generate an iPhone build that omits the first layers for the ends. Results in a minor disaster.

Yes, it really is. Also happened to me.

you should make a gopro compatible slider head

Great idea! I'll look in to it.

Have you considered making ones that would use linear bearings?

I suspect if you want the slider to perform even better, running an app like Luma while doing the slide would give some very buttery footage.

Never heard of Luma until you mentioned it, tried it out and really like it --Thank you for the recommendation

Why not making it moving in a circle and 360 degree? (maybe an small motor can be added for stable and soft motion)

could u make an iphone 4/4s carriage model? that would be great!

I have some updates coming in the next couple days

That video has a little jitter. Have you tried adding a little graphite lubricant? I've had success with this stuff: http://amzn.com/B002S1RTZI/?tag=scottto-20http://amzn.com/B002S1RTZI/?ta...

I'd like to see this motorized and controlled. Think Replicator X Gantry. This is a great start for that!

Fully* printable!

*) Except for the rods

You are right, not fully printable because of the rods

same problem for me. I cant watche the video. The easiest way to avoid censorship is germany is to use a chinese proxy server....

The video is not watchable in Germany, because of music rights... An all too well known problem in Germany. Any chance you could upload the video without music?

Pretty cool! Specially the design for slide the platform
This design needs to be built for the customizer

Uploaded today


To improve sliding, you can use LME8UU linear bearings like this thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27595http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Camera Slide

Looks awesome! Now to place an order with McMaster...

Very nice! Definitely adding this to my to do list.

Try to put the phone on a little toy car :)

This is great! Any chance you could make seperate STL files for the individual pieces?

Done and done!

Nice work, would be cool to see a sample of a video you produced with slide. If you put in a youtube link it will populate the carousel...

Just added it!