Filament Storage Solution (IKEA SAMLA)

by wstein Mar 27, 2015
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Danke wstein hast du dir auch in die Box solche Bohrungen mit Adapter gemacht wo jeweils das Filament rauskommt damit der Deckel zubleiben kann ?

Wo bekommt man die Ringe für die Spulen her und wofür ist der Samla Driilling Halter ?


Samla Driilling Halter: Du meinst die Bohrschablone?

Customizable Spool Hub Adapter
by wstein
Customizable Spacer
by wstein

I see nothing standard in 750g spools, maybe it's California only thing, but 1kg spools are way more common here, so does it work with them? Thanks.

I have 1kg spools here and I can put 4 of them into one box.

Отлично сделано. Прекрасная работа. Мне она очень понравилась. Это то, что я искал. Спасибо!

What a great idea ! Thanks :D

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Do you then have to unscrew one holder when you need to put new filament on the tube? It looks like the end pieces doen't allow to lift up the tube when putting more filament rolls on the tube?

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Get this trying to use the customizer.

The drilling jig doesn't perfectly sit. You still have to find the horizontal middle manually. Is it supposed like that or did IKEA change the design?

Customizer doesn't work for me :/

Simply resubmit "Create Thing" until it works, I often need to submit ten times until the Customizer creates my thing.

Will try then, thanks :)

How much silicate do you put into your boxes? I put in A LOT (ground covered like 4mm). I wonder if that was overkill. The pearls only lost their color after 1-2 months ... If I see printable silicat pearl holders they are very small and would only hold as many pearls as would fit into my hand. What is your amount and time you put it in before regenerating / putting in new ones?

In Germany u have to use "Abflußrohre"
In Deutschland wir man leider keine Frischwasserrohre in zoll größe finden,
das nächste wäre verzinkte Stahlrohre in 1", kostet aber ungefähr das 4-fache von Abflußrohre und es paßt auch
nicht so schön zum rest der ikea box...

Was aber passen würde:

Aus 1m Rohr bekommt man drei Stücke von ~ 32,2mm länge für drei 22l Ikea boxen.

Angeblich sollen einige Baumärkte jetzt diese größe im Sortiment haben ( Bei OBI habe ich sie aber nicht gefunden)
Wenn man das passende Rohr hat, sollte man die Seitenhalterungen um 2% verkleinern, damit das Rohr schön stramm in den Haltern
sitzt um ein mitdrehen zu verhindern...
Man kann natürlich auch andere größen nehmen, dann darf man aber alle anderen Sachen wieder hierzu anpassen....
...und es passen dann wahrscheinlich keine 4 Rollen mehr in die Box ( ich wollte erst HT Rohr DN 40 nehmen - dann nur 3 Rollen)
Ich konnte mein Rohr im Sanitär Fachhandel freundlicher weise kaufen...

Thx super idee, werd ich mal testen :=)
Hat mal einer versucht mit einer minimalen Silikonspur im Decker (und dann trocknen lassen) eine art "Gummidichtung" zu basteln? Könnte noch nen ticken mehr dichtigkeit bringen.

Wer wird den Basteln wenn wir Lidl have gotten.... ?;)

Cheap Ikea Drybox Thermo - Hygrometer Mount

Installationsrohre aus dem Elektrobedarf gibt's eigentlich in jedem Baumarkt. Beim Bauhaus bspw. für 2,35 Eur: https://www.bauhaus.info/kabelschutzrohre/stangenrohr/p/20573838

Die sind zu dünnwandig und biegen sich dann durch...

32mm Elektroinstallationsrohr kann ich von Hand nur minimal durchbiegen. Bei ein paar Filamentrollen auf dem kurzen Ende bewegt sich da (zumindest bei mir...) nix.


I have some pvc pipe here that is marked as 32mm, but it is too big for the mounts and the spool adapters, the inside of the pipe is 32mm.

I am having trouble finding pvc the right size now.

Are you using PVC pipe? Does the spool spin smoothly on the pipe?

Can't understand how to you make boxes air-tight? I have bought one for myself, but the lid just lays on the box, not air-tight by any means :(

You can print this lid clips: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:393890 or buy the original IKEA lid clips.

I hope this helps.

Lid clips for the smaller IKEA SAMLA storage boxes
by flummer

What are your experiences with how long this stays dry? I put 0,5 kilograms of silicate in there that changes colour if it absorbed 100 % humidity. After 5 days or so some of it lost all colour and most of the pearls lost like 60 % of their orange.

Is the box a fail because the lids just don't close well enough? Or should I put hot glue on the screws? The holes seem pretty tight though. What are your experiences?

Sorry I don't use silicate myself. Maybe you needs some days to get the filament really dry? May need to refresh the silicate some times and wait until your filament is dry. - only a suggestion...

The drilling jig - should it be placed in the inside or the outside when marking where to drill the holes? The outside seems most obvious when considering the shape, but it is better to be 100% certain ;-)

You are right, you should place it from the outside.
You should also be able to drill through the jig, so the holes fit perfect.

Thanks... Now I just need to figure out how to "adjust" the rig, so it will fit the 65L box - in order to be able to put 2Kg spools in such a box...
65L drilling jig now ready at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2398400

Filament Storage (IKEA SAMLA) - 65L Drilling jig
by bipsen

Tolle Idee, danke dafür. ;)

Hast du es auch schon einmal mit einer größeren Samla Box und 2 Reihen versucht (z.B. 56x39x42 cm/65 l) ?!

Schöne Grüße aus Salzburg

Nein, mir reichen die kleinen boxen.

Aber du kannst es gerne probieren. Deine Erfahrung würde mich auch interessieren.

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I am trying to find the reel insert (bearing?) that is in the 5th picture? This doesn't seem to be included in the download? Anyone know where to find this part?

Customizable Spool Hub Adapter
by wstein
Customizable Spacer
by wstein

I am trying to find the reel insert (bearing?) that is in the 5th picture? This doesn't seem to be included in the download? Anyone know where to find this part?

Cool idea! Very usefull to prevent the filament break!!

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Great idea! Time for me to go to IKEA! :-)
BTW can I ask you what's the project of your cable holder? I need it and I have the same printer and the same extruder (it seems a MK8)...

Thanks for your interest, I am not sure which cable holder you are talking about. My printer is an unmodified BQ Prusa i3: https://www.bq.com/de/prusa. Maybe this links will help you:

wiki: http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_i3_Hephestos/de
github: https://github.com/bq/prusa-i3-hephestos

Thank you for the link.. your extruder is a little different, I have a Geeetech Prusia I3 Pro B, but I can try starting from the files in that page and making something similar...
And tomorrow... IKEA! I noticed in the near store there is the 22l model available, so maybe I can solve my problem..

Drilling jig is too big for M3D maybe give measurements of drill location ?

On each short side of the box, measure up from the bottom lip (in center, not the "feet), and make a small mark/line at 118mm. Then, lay your ruler across that mark you just made and you will see the width at that point is 100mm, so make you second mark/line at the 50mm point. Where the 118mm and 50mm lines intersect is your drill point for the bottom of the three holes.

Drill that hole and attach the holder temporarily to the outside of the box and use it as a template to mark the other two holes.

Then mount everything up and your good to go. The lengths of PVC should be about 315mm, but the box flexibility allows for a fe mm of play there too. On my last set, I just had the guy in the shop cut two pieces for me. I told him 315mm, but then saw his ruler was cm only, so no marker. I told him to just cut at 32cm then. Turns out, he was off by about 2mm so at 318mm they still fit just fine without me doing any more cutting.

The real key to this system is the spool holder and spacers, once those are in place it feeds like butter!

Many thanks for your reply to mjkout. You made a perfect description. There is nothing more to say. Many Thanks!

Multiple Filament Dry Holder and Dispenser (Updated 9/19/2013)

what sort of pipe did you use

In Germany it is called HT-Rohr: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hochtemperaturrohr
PP indoor wastewater pipe

I feel the need to mention that my first print of the spool holder was completely useless due to the fact that the raft wouldn't come off. I

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I am sorry, that you run into trouble. I do not understand the problem, maybe you could share a photo? Nevertheless, thanks for your comment, this may help others not to run into the same issue.

Planning on going this weekend to grab one of these at IKEA to do this myself, curious what size spools this fits though. I just ordered one of these: http://www.amazon.com/MakerBot-Filament-Diameter-Large-Spool/dp/B00SNM5YBC?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_sfl_title_14&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER and it says the spool diameter is 9 inches, would that fit? Thanks.

Also I see you don't print the bottom layer due to "wrapping on my non heated print bed", assuming you meant warping? I'm guessing that is the issue I'm having on my Makerbot Replicator 2, seems that the bottom layer of this (and a few other) prints all "wavy", it seems to only happen on diagonal flats. Like the center of the diagonals bows inwards/up or maybe overlaps on the previous diagonal? Anyhow, thanks in advance for your answers and thanks for the files!

My spool have all about 20 cm / 8 inch but there is some space left to the wall. 21.5 cm / 8.5 inch should also fit fine.

Yes, wraping is correct.

The socket looks wavy/stepped because I adjust the wall angle. It became better if you use a higher resolution. But there is no functional drawback.

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Many thanks

You seem to be missing the spacer part? Good design otherwise!

You can find the spacer here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:728531

Customizable Spacer
by wstein

You should put a dehumidifier in there!

Anyone having trouble with the customizer for this? I really want to adjust this for the hardware I have on hand, but the customizer keeps giving me an error. The only parameters I'm changing are on the first tab: has width 9.5; bolt hole 5.0 (yes, I'm using english hardware. It's what I've got.)

I have fixed the bug it works now correct. Sorry for the trouble!

Works great, now! Thanks so much for the original idea, design and fix!

Many thanks for your interest. It would be great if you can share your experience.

Very good idea this forage !

Many thanks! I can't wait, getting the first feedback from one actually build this.

Excellent! Also consider putting silica gel inside to stabilize the humidity :)
How about an air tight filter solution where you can feed the filament through?

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This was also my first intention. Currently I am opening the lid a bit for printing. So I don't have to drill additional holes for the filament and it is air tight while not in use!

Actually I'm absolute happy with that solution. But I have some ideas in mind - stay tuned...

If I build this I might install five of these test tube pierceable caps to push the filament through . . .

Might cause too much friction on the filament I would think. Causing prints to fail as the extruder won't be able to pull the filament? Definitely let us know if you try this though.

that is very interesting! It would be great if you could share your experience. I am looking forward to see your results.