Marble Wall Track Holder

by Bherb Mar 28, 2015
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very nice work men !

Awesome set. Could you share some details of the design for that nifty ball lifter aparatus in the foreground? I think I understand how it works, but not 100% sure.


It uses magnets in rotating arms to grab each marble (actually ball bearings). When the arm gets to the top of it's rotation, there's a piece of wood the pushes the marble off into a inset, where it sits ready for the next arm to swing down and pick it up. Totally my design. No plans for building, as I designed as I built and adjusted along the way. Here's a video of it operating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR80fKhOkMA

I see some interesting shapes on the wall....funnels, curved tracks, and some others I can't identify....Where'd they come from?

Do you have any trouble with the pegboard clip you've made? Looks like it would fall out. I'll be making this for a 5 year old.

Check out all my things for more marble wall items: http://www.thingiverse.com/Bherb/designs
The pieces in bottom right corner of the photo came from a set designed to stick on a regular wall. I replaced the sticky stuff with a 3D printed clip to adapt to our pegboard wall.

No problems with the pieces falling out. The pegs are tight fit and the ridges left from printing create enough friction to keep things in place. I experimented with curved pegs, but they were too hard to get in and out and ended up breaking. We move things around a lot, so we needed pieces that were easy to get in and out.

I missed this when it was published. I like the idea but don't have a router. I'll try re-making it to print the track say as a 1x1. What lengths did you us for the 1x2's? Looks like about a foot. I'll be able to print ~8" ones.

Lengths of track vary. Some are 8', some 12', some just whatever was left from cut offs. Yeah, printing track sections would work too. Having track holders as separate pieces gives more flexibility with angles since they can slide to adjust distance between pegs.

This deserves far more likes!