More Realistic Ball-Joint Articulated Octopus

by Stanos Mar 28, 2015
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does the head need supports?

No it does not need supports

Did you scale this model from the original?

Hey I cannot find the articulating arms from your mentioned original design, can you point me in the right direction?

Go to Thing Details then look to the right and down, you will see the model it was remixed from. In case that is too difficult here is the link http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:584405.

Ball-joint articulated octopus

how do you get your prints looking so smooth, ive got a da vinci and each layer sticks out loads and i have to sand a file everything to get stuff to fit together, is this fresh off the print bed, if so what printer so i can get one

Quality Printer = Quality Prints.

The latest Ultimaker 2+ is so good, we bought a few for commercial/professional usage.

I've heard a lot about problems with those printers you just need to find the groups for it. Maybe start herehttp://www.soliforum.com/topic/8191/davinci-10-z-banding/

I use a Prusa i3 and my original is a Prusa V2 I built over 3 years ago. Both were custom built (no kits) by me. You can get a nice kit from the original designer herehttp://shop.prusa3d.com/en/3d-printers/59-original-prusa-i3-kit-with-lcd.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAluG1BRDrvsqCtYWk81gSJACZ2BCejboRnlYA4UIlnVQsvZNWA8uvm4TbVi9umtCwKlv_lhoCeq3w_wcB#/7-color-black_and_orange/7-barva-black_and_orange.

just looked at the prusa i3 its cheap enough just to buy as well, ill get that one and hopefully find the "best" home printer there is dont want to go with resin

i just got a cheap printer to see if there useful or any good, it was only £400 and i think its worth that its pretty good, but you get overhang from every layer, so if you print something that has to go inside something else you have to sand it down until its smooth plastic, i was looking at spending about £2k-£4k on my next printer and want it to be able to print parts i dont have to spend 40 mins on after sanding and filing, what do you think is the most accurate home 3d printer where you can print parts and not have to modify them before use, ive looked at makerbot and all the other top rated ones but the prints look just a little bit better than my £400 printer, is that print straight off the print bed or did you have to sand it

With that budget I'd go with an Ultimaker.

I absolutely do not suggest a makerbot.

fair enough, cheers for your help, the top 10 on every website is not helpful at all, ive seen people say the ultimaker is the best but thats all they have used, also seen videos saying other printers are better but also they have never used an ultimaker, its annoying trying to find out whats the best without having to buy every 3d printer available, ill just get an ultimaker and the prusa i3 coz its so cheap and have 3 printers, cheers for the advice you just made me make my mind up lol

And where to get balljoints? =)

Download them from the original work that I modified this from. I made no change to the joints so I was not going to repost them here.