Cherry MX KeyCaps

by adafruit Apr 6, 2015
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Is the escape key cap (ada-key.stl) the same size as the alphanumeric key caps?

Yes, the Esc key on a typical layout is the same size as the alphanumeric keys. However, when it comes to the curve of the key, it is different. Have a look at a resource like http://support.wasdkeyboards.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1366948-keycap-compatibility for a visual illustration of how keycap size (e.g., 1×1 or 1×1.50) and position/geometry (e.g., R4 vs R2) is denoted.

Assuming that the Esc key is shaped for R4, it would be most suitable to use for the row of F-keys or the row of number keys, and less suitable to use for the rows of alphabetic keys.

I just saw your message last night, jepler :(

But thanks! I ended up going with the escape/adakey for my remix.

are you happy with your make? After commenting I tried the design from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:468651 a couple of tries I still didn't get a keycap that matched the profile of my WASD keyboard (I was trying to print an enter key in green pla), so perhaps I shouldn't have recommended it sight unseen.

Parametric Cherry MX/Alps Keycap for Mechanical Keyboards

The switches I ordered came in over the weekend. I had trouble fitting the keycaps on them, so I have to increase the tolerances. But overall I am happy with the remix. Thanks!

I should also note that this thing looks like it supports choosing width and row/geometry, via openscad: www.thingiverse.com/thing:468651

Parametric Cherry MX/Alps Keycap for Mechanical Keyboards

I think that it would have been better if you included the internal supports in the build, having a hard time printing this on the Form 1+

Thanks for the great write-up, hangout, and files! We're working on a project called Dustin's Words and we're using these stem files to build a custom Sharp LCD keycap. We'll post a link when we have the files up.

Awesome! This is a really cool use for Ember.

what no basic key shape template so we can add our own letter keys? laaame unless the ada-key/esc key is the proper size for a normal key,