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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

filament spool holder

by connors934 Apr 1, 2011
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You can also try the spool I designed ( There may be some design aspects in there you can use in yours.

Cardboard Spool

Thanks Charles. I like the idea of having a rack of filament above the printers. With a hole in the center of the spool and an axle holding several spools, it would be possible to select a color, run it to the extruder and start printing.

I couldn't get Charles' files to open on my computer, so used it as an opportunity it design my own. It provided a good chance to make a design that used symmetry, circular arrangement of parts, distribution of elements and assembly of laser cut parts.

My files are done in Open Office, which is a free download. The components are grouped, but can be ungrouped to adjust their placement.

Cut Studio is software that came bundled with the Roland CAMM1, and works pretty well to send files to the laser cutter as well.

After designing the part, I e
xported a jpeg, which was then imported into Cut Studio, the software we use to send to the lasercutter. After cutting, I refined the design, then exported the image and made a new cut profile in Cut Studio.