Foam Dart Pistol

by vik Apr 2, 2011
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You know what I need to do with this? I need to load the gatling gun mount I took off my kid's Attacknid and turn that into a 12 shot rapid fire nerf gun...

do you have to burn the gun

next to "this is a remix" it says "this is a customizer". click on that and people can change it for themselves.

Does this shoot nerf bullets

So now that everyone is moving to 1.75mm filimant are we going ot have up update this?

No, everyone is not. It allows you to use weaker stepper motors on the X
amp; Y axes but at a 2-3 fold increase in filament price per kilo.

Most home builds won't notice any accuracy gain from 3mm to 1.75mm filament, just an increase in price.

Is this too big for a cupcake printer with the standard platform?

It is a wee bit too tall for my TOM (~5mm) but you can chop off the top a little and it still works fine.

Oooh, I know just the young man to convert to thingiversism with this Thing. Thanks!

Even has adjustable power, just increase or decrease the number of rubber bands!! Works well!!

However, I recommend that if you are going to use plenty of rubber bands (I had two fairly strong ones on each side), you should print with high infill or strengthen the rubber band attachment points to prevent them snapping off (I know from experience).

I'll strengthen them in the V2.0

Thats great. Thank You.

Do you need a spring?

No, just some strong rubber bands and pieces of plastic filament.

Great. I can't wait to print it out. :-P

can you make it so you can print a bullet too?

Can you tell me the measurements of the bullet.(Or how much I need to stretch it by)

The length and diameter of the dart are parameters in the OpenSCAD file for the gun.

I'm sorry but I really can't seem to figure out open scad. Could you tell me the length?

It's designed around a 79mm dart.

They'd be a bit solid if they hot you, but sure. I think there is a bullet model on Thingiverse - all you'd have to do is scale it to suit. Ah, here we are: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6799http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Or do you want to make something that you tip with a mini-marshmallow or foam rubber?

Parametric Bullet Script
by JohnA

I mean hit, not hot. Fillish keuboad!

When i tried to import into Rhino 4.0:

"There are no objects that fit the STL standard in the file"

Curious. Try loading it into Meshlab.

Brilliant! As soon as the boy wakes up I'll measure his hand and he'll have a custom Nerfer by the following morning! :-D Love. It.

Do post pictures!