Counter-weight for shoulder rig

by MarcusWolschon Apr 2, 2011
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Where do you get the weights?

Hmmm. Seems like the best candidate for me is something like this: http://amzn.com/B002IRX64Ahttp://amzn.com/B002IRX64A but it has a 2 inch diameter. I'll have to make some accomodations.

Marcus' design ability is eclipsed only by his capacity to inspire ire.

Marcus, keep at it, and ignore the haters. Maybe they'd have given you more stars if instead of uploading a useful part you just uploaded a napkin sketch of a spaceship with the comment "plz make me this! I haz no printer!", or maybe this should have been done entirely in 3dtin. :)

Mr Keegan. Its great that he's making stuff and sharing. The problem is he provides inconsiderate remarks on other people's designs (Marcus being the hater) generally doesn't make useful suggestions to improve the aspects he's complained about and is often capricious about the whole thing. He's turned people away from contributing to the site and that's a huge problem.

Additionally he often spams other people's things with links to his own things. He's just getting a tiny bit back of what he regularly dishes out.

And yet again the troll doesn't provide any references.

Let's just ignore it.



"no tools mentioned

not 3d printable (90
° overhangs into open air anyone?)
useless thing"

Very Kind of you.



With these overhangs it's unprintable!

Get real!"


8 Bit Makerbot

Yes ignoring is all you can do. Just hope it goes away. You could never hope of perhaps, taking that criticism to heart and change your behavior.

I do not know you personally, but I do know that I don't like your comments on this site. I am quite sure that there are many others that just don't say that out loud.

If you want to be respected as much a you need to, then respect others likewise and act respectable yourself in the first place. Imposing your 'high standards' on total stranger is not the way to go.

Only way a design get's a down vote from me is if they do not include the design files or uses a licence that makes it impossible to print.

Seriously guys he is giving his design away for free. If you don't like him personally just ignore his stuff, we don't need this negative attitude around here :)

Frankly i don't want his stuff for free if it gives him the right to abuse other people on the site.

The problem isn't with him personally, its the negative attitude he brings to everyone else's work via his inappropriate comments. He's discouraging others to share. That is the problem. As far as his work goes its ok i guess, but lots of his designs are unfinished or unprintable and one is possibly dangerous.

If I might interrupt.. I can agree I've seen some unnecessary comments by Marcus - BUT this does NOT change the universal fact that the most appropriate thing to do is to ignore peoples mistakes and embrace their good deeds! Why are you people acting like this yourselves?? Start bringing positiveness, not negativity!

Please show me an unfinished design that is not marked as WIP and explain why you think it's unfinished.

As for that hammer back from my first day. You are right, that's not a good design and as posted there I'm waiting for suggestions for improvements.
(Particularly other ways to place the handle without leaving the dimensions of the build platform.)

I don't understand the votes.

This rig with all it's parts is weeks of work, prototyping and testing.

It's well documented.

It is a functional and well working replacement for gear that would cost an amateur 1500-2500 eur.

Not a single complaint in the comments.

Just a number of anonymous cowards voting it down but why?

Perhaps it is because of your comments or voting on other peoples work? I know from personal experience that you are very good at rubbing people the wrong way.

Or perhaps not that many people interested in complicated photography rigs?

(note: i did not vote)

Actually it's filming, not photography.

(Or cinematography as some like to call it.)

I've high standards for myself and I apply the same to others.
Not a chance I step down from my principles there. (They wouldn't be principles if I did, would they?)
You're right. Could be that some feel offended by me not only voting on the designs I feel are good engineering but also on the ones
I think are not; independent of age, experience or tools.

If you had high standards for yourself it doesn't show. Your designs may achieve the intended goal in a very basic fashion but offer huge amounts of room for even basic improvements and streamlining. Given your high standards, a one or two star rating is perfectly valid and in many cases extremely generous.

You act like an jerk when commenting on other peoples designs, often not giving them the time to even fully update the item before complaining about missing descriptions, titles or files.

I'd be willing to guess that the community wouldn't miss you if you left and i'm sure some would be thrilled.
I understand that English is not your primary language and I'm guessing that part of your ability to annoy people is due to poor choice of words due to an incomplete grasp of the context behind the words you are using.

Other people are not you. We've got everyone from young kids to 60 year old mec
hanical engineering retirees here and most don't want to hear you complain (without any useful suggestions for improvement) about what they've done because it doesn't fit how you think they should have done it. If you think you can do better then make a derivative and improve it or provide specific
suggestions on how they may improve the design. BTW - complaining that they haven't uploaded any files for a 30 minute old object is not a valid suggestion. Additionally, if your going to bother giving a low vote and complain make sure you change your vote and provide positive feedback if they make
improvements. This means you have a duty to continue monitoring that thing to make sure that your comments and vote are still valid.

Besides most of your whining is due to people not doing things the way you wanted to do them. Not necessarily because there was anything fundamentally wrong with them
. Limit your comments to accolades and HELPFUL suggestions and i'm sure the community will fully change their minds about you. Hell I don't even think people mind a 1 star vote. Its your comments that annoy them.

Additionally your guidelines often have little to do with engineering merit. You dow
nvoted a pretty decent attempt at a prop revolver because in your mind it shouldn't be on the site. Nothing to do with engineering. Its not your site so get over it. You've done this often when things aren't your way regardless of engineering merit. So don't stand behind the engineering merit shield

Keep in mind that you are the only person out of the thousands that use this side that i've seen manage to annoy people in this way. If you're the only one then you are the one doing something wrong. Not everyone else.

BTW: you posted as "guest", so you don't seem to be interested in discussing but just in monologing anonymously.

Guests simply don't get notifications for answers to their comments.

gt;it doesn't show

Where can I improve this?
Tell me, I'm all ears.

gt;complaining that they haven't uploaded any files for a 30 minute old object is not a valid suggestion.

Guess why there is a button "publish"?
You simply don't hit that button unless you have given your object at least a title of uploaded a single file or a single word of description to it.
It's the very last thing you do after filling out all the other tabs with at least basic information.
y not the first thing to hit when your thing is still named "untitled", has no files,
no images and no description whatsoever because that revision is the one ending up
in everyone's RSS reader and if it's still in that state when I read it (usually hours later but hard to tell), I have no reason to
believe that is going to change.

gt;without any useful suggestions for improvement

That's not true.
gt;change your vote and provide positive feedback if they make improvements.

I do when I get an email- notification that an answer has been posted. Without any

notification I have little reason to go back and look through all of thingiverse to

look for updates.
gt;downvoted a pretty decent attempt at a prop revolver

You are right. I simply dislike weapons that look even remotely functional

and I highly dislike the possibility of having one to improve in derivative designs

until they are.
gt;HELPFUL suggestions

If you took the time to actually look for it you'd have found them.
gt;Besides most of your whining is due to people not doing things the way you wanted to do them.

Where did I do that?

What do you think is "the way I want them to do anything?"

I'm not giving a full raring unless the original design files are present, simply because

you can't do a proper derivative work without them. A basic function of this site that is seldomly used at all.

I do suggest simple improvements like tapering bolt holes and rounding edges a human hand touches because they have proven highly practical.

I did suggest to post some lessons learned in the google group because I'm seeing the same

mistakes I did in early versions of designs repeated over and over again by others.

(yes, ABS can easily scratch your cellphone,...)

You're joking right? You do realize the impossibility of making a functioning firearm with any existing fdm, sl, sls printer on the market right now? The tensile strength of any plastic and probably even the ceramics used in these printers is orders of magnitude too low to ever work.

The funniest thing is that your design for the "Shoulder Rig" is far more capable of being turned into a gun than the other design you have issues with. All you need is a drill press.

Printing and milling is just one module away from each other in e.g. skeinforge

and additive procedures with metal and other materials do exist and are becoming common.

Even the metal deposition machines out there and coming to market are at least an order of magnitude too weak for the forces involved in a firearm. Sure milling machines can create guns. Most are made that way these days, but even in those cases one needs to get special steel alloys that are suitable and can safely contain the forces.

The fact still remains that your "Shoulder Rig" is more capable of becoming a gun/rifle than the other design. Should we condemn it because of that?

Thingiverse guidelines:

"5. Please don't upload weapons. The world has plenty of weapons already."

And it isn't a weapon. You truly are an idiot. Like I said before your "Shoulder Rig" thing is more capable of becoming a gun than the other is (which cannot be made into a gun without a 100% redesign that wouldn't be particularly similar to the one you have an issue with). Should we ban your account and remove your "Shoulder Rig" because it doesn't follow the guidelines?

You seem to be much more abusing in your comments then this Marcus ever was.

Shame on you. You never had a bad mood day?

My apologies. The idiot comment was made out of frustration with Marcus's apparent refusal to understand that a model of a toy gun was beyond impossible to turn into a real gun. It just can't happen. Even with a magical alloy printing machine of tomorrow, the design inn question could not work without a total re-design to deal with the stresses involved. I'd restated it a few times including mentioning that his thing could be made into a gun with perhaps only a drill-press. A hand drill could be used as well eliminating the need for a full drill press.

Apology accepted. I was carried away too.

I'm just very, very strongly against guns.


I admit you seem to know more about firearms then me.

Now that you are finally answering,
would you be so kind as to provide the
requested examples for your accusitions,
so I can finally fix them.
Up to now you have carefully cheery picked
to answer only points where you never have to
put your accusations to the test.
Oh and I still like to see who I
am talking to.

I don't undesrtand what thsi is for. 1 star.

It's an accessory for a DSLR shoulder rig.

A simple tool usually sold for exorbitant prices that is used in professional and semi-professional filming.

(The guys who don't just press [record] but care about light, sound, best camera settings, dialog,... first)

If you do not understand, then do NOT vote