by Martijn Apr 2, 2011
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This makes my CR-10S sing a pretty neat song that slows down as it gets farther up. I scaled it down to 100 mm tall as a test.

add some solid layers

The newest version of slic3r is not detecting any layers for it.

That's because the STL file is broken, as it doesn't contain any solid.  I published a fixed version at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33344http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... that works with Slic3r too.

Tornado [fixed, solid & Slic3r-compatible]
by Sound

Any chance you can provide an open scad model or export the STL with more facets? I really see the polygons on my prints =-O

the facets are there on purpose

how do you stop the ABS from shrinking and cracking?

With something like this, I would try a heat gun or heated build environment to keep the plastic soft enough everywhere to finish the print, then let it cool homogeneously.

By not using ABS. Ultimaker users (like myself) typically use PLA. It is significantly more dimensionally stable.

I am really impressed to see them made on MBI. I was sure they would shake off. Nice....

Its actually a pretty simple print provided you have your machine setup correct of course. I played around a lot with it when it was first posted. Biggest problem is with ABS shrinking which causes the layers to separate at the very top.

how much does it cost to create one? very cool

50cents to a buck.

how come when i generate the Gcode for this design, it generates it in such a way that it becomes a solid piece instead of a tube?

That's because you probably have infill on, you have to generate Gcode without infill.


I'm a fairly new bot-master, so maybe you can chalk this up to stupidity. I saw this post about louis generating code that made the tornado solid, so I turned my infill solidity to 0, but the build still created a top and bottom to the tornado. So, it's a hollow tornado with a flat top and bottom.

Any ideas as to what option I might have missed tweaking to make it completely open?

(on a side note, having printed and tweaked for less than 3 days so far, I was surprised the top of the tornado bridged without issue or sagging!)

Turn "Solid Surface Thickness" to 0 in Fill.

No just turn off infill entirely. No need to change any settings just uncheck it, its that simple.

Whaou!!! PLA make really good facet effects. You should try to make a lamp with some rgb led.

What speed were those printed at? They look really nice.

I printed my best one at 80mm/s on my Ultimaker.

That is hauling ass!. I am really thinking about getting an ultimaker along with my makerbot that I already have. Might sell the makerbot if I can get the ultimaker going. Any suggestions?