Ducky The Lop Eared Bunny

by yeg3d Apr 2, 2015
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Sorry that I didn't take a pic to post, but I wanted to pass on how much this model was appreciated. I'm the only guy with a 3D printer in the office. I was asked by a co-worker if I could print this for his 10 year old daughter who had a rabbit that looked a lot like this pass away a couple weeks ago. I'm told she was over the moon when she received this, and that she won't leave home without it. Thanks for helping make a little girl happier.

Thanks for the kind comment. Ducky was actually the name of my best friends bunny who also passed away. Glad to hear she was happier after receiving it. That is helping me too on a down week. Thanks!

bottom cut? what do you mean by that!

Looks great! Printing now at 1/4 size for my friend's daughter's birthday.
I had some trouble importing into SolidWorks though; can you please provide as an IGES, STEP, ParaSolid or similar file?
I'd like to lop just a bit off the bottom so it adheres better without the overhangs around the legs.
Thanks! Great model :)

EDIT: I'll try again with overhangs but it still would be nice to get the model file so I can edit, scale and re-export. Thanks!

Hello, looking at your item, I thought you might be interested in my project. is a lamp printer with which you can extrude resin and print similar objects.
what do you think about it?
thanks bye

This was one of my first prints. And i love it!! It printed really nice and Ducky is absolutely adorable

Hey, I'm new to 3d printing and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many grams this weighs and what settings you used. Thanks!

About 7 inches tall

what did you print it with? the finish is beautiful.

great model, too!

try to get a compressed file pls

Very nice. Printing a 15 folds smaller version, lol.

Would you be willing to cut 4mm off the bottom of this object and shell it for me (leaving 4mm wall thickness)? I'd like to print it and put an LED light inside for a child's room.

that is one sexy print

Truly gorgeous model. Thank you so much for the highly detailed print settings

that's a beautiful print

IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice bunny.
Any chance you can add a loop in the top and scale it down to make it a keyring?

I see in the comments that the bunny is PLA from Jet, but what color is it? I cant seem to find this color on the the Jet site and it is extremely close to a color Im looking for.

Cyan, we bought it from Amazon a ways back.

Comments deleted.

I'm sure you could use any material you desire.

That is adorable and a lovely sculpt.

Comments deleted.

Wow, the detail in the print is amazing! What printer and layer height did you use?

All information and print settings can be found under the instructions tab. This was printed with the Type A Machines Series 1 3d printer, at a 0.2 mm layer height.

Oh, sorry about that!
Thank you!

Couple issues -- had to slice 1mm or so off bottom using Slic3r to get a good base. The chin / nose printed great with no supports but the right ear needs a built-in support. A very small slope off the body to support the ear would help immensely. Otherwise, great model! My toddler picked this out and he loves it.

oh.... nvm I see now lol, the feet are a little rough and one doesn't touch the bottom of the plate all that much

Why would you use the cutoff bottom?