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horse cell phone stand

by alavanimation Apr 2, 2015
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buenas tardes, me interesa saber si puedes hacer un diseño para mi, solo quiero el diseño en stl. gracias. ¿como puedo ponerme de acuerdo contigo?

Seven hours into the print and the model was looking good when the end support (for the left rear leg) broke away from the base. Paused print and tried to fix it but no chance. I'm using an Anycubic I3 Mega, had it printing at basic configuration with a .4mm nozzle

Fairly new to this game so I suppose I'll need to find out how to make the supports a little more rugged - going to try a raft but I've had to resize the model down a tad to make it fit

Fingers crossed because it looks amazing

I got an idea for an improvement of design-wise:

The thing on the table holding the lower part of the phone. I think it would be a big improvement if it was Wider, and the 2 things that stick up in front of the phone to hold it. They should be smaller. So they would not block like a home button or a part of the screen. 1#Then it will fit more phone models - even the wide phone models without it being able to tilt to the side.

Extra idea: Add some horse decor on the middle part connecting the horse and the lower part of the phone holder. Like horseshoes. A saddle, a helmet, a whip, carrots, or something else like that.

I'm a total newbie to 3D Printing. Waiting on the mailman to deliver my 3d printer :D

Keep up the awesome work!

I love this Hose Phone holder! Great work! Please make more! You got talent man!

1st try : some of the supports were very small, one oh them has unstuck the bed while the extruder was moving over at high speed...
i try again tomorrow, with stronger supports :)

Hey, really like your design, but the v2 model seems to be not print-friendly, the bottom is not watertight and some bad edges occured, so I fixed it using magics, and here's the remixed version: :) Hope everyone enjoy it!

Horse cell phone stand (fixed)

I am relatively new to 3d but have been able to print many things well. This horse has me stumped. I have tried 5 times and everytime some of the supports strat tilting and the print has to be aborted. I have changed every support setting in slic3r. I am using a Kossel 250 V-slot BSE printer. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

You need some capton tape or 3M tape, stick them to the heat bed and print on it, you will find the supports are attached to the plate perfectly.

Hello alavanimation, can you make a rabbit cell phone stand stl. thanks:)


Is there a way you can merge the base and the hopes so it's one solid model? Would like to print it but I worry about the sturdiness with those as separate prices


fantastic design. Took some time to sand after removing the supports, but a great gift for horse lovers.

new to this
I started printing the v2 and when it started the head it just dropped plastic in mid air.
How do you set up supports?

What software and printer are you using? YouTube/Google 3D printing work flow and ReplicatorG for some basic knowledge gains then report back and I can help you.

I have a cocoon create that i bought from aldi. i believe it is the same as the wan how i am using cura to write the g code

Got it. I'm not familiar with cocoon. I haven't used Cura but I'm familiar. In Cura did you make sure to add supports to the model? The head is an overhanging feature that requires supports that you can later break away. Let me know if that works for you?

think i got it sorted. figured out how to add support. I went for "touching build plate" and "brim" for adhesion type. thanks for the help.i'll be printing it later today

Hi thanks!!! would love to see the result

sure thing - I just added a photo over in the "made" tab of your excellent source file. On a monoprice architect (makerbot clone), PLA, 0.4mm nozzle, 0.2mm layer height, 20% fill, with raft and full support.

Using a standard Makerbot Replicator 3D printer, I've had some issues with my horse. I used white PLA, .2mm layer height, 20% fill with raft and full support. My nozzle is the standard Makerbot nozzle and I don't think its .4mm. The portions that did priint correctly look great ! However the right rear leg only printed half of the leg, the head looks like the layer height went from .2mm to - I don't know - 1.0 ? LOL What might I change or do differently? Thank you.

How are you slicing the file? I would try a different slicing program. are you having trouble with other models?

I'm a very new 3D user so my breadth of experience on models is extremely limited. Your wonderful horse is the first model of this detail I've tried printing. Some of my first experiences had similar results but I didn't have supports on. I will need to show more ignorance as I'm not sure what slicing is. I checked the custom settings section and am not seeing such. I can send you a picture of the results but didn't want to post here.

I'm new as well, I have only had my own 3D printer for a month.

My advice: Read/research and understand the process. 3D printing has historically been a prototyping method just for high end R&D groups but in the past decade its become a consumer product. If you are near a sizable city (population 50,000+) there may be a makerspace, go there and get hands on learning.

A resource on the 3d printing "work flow" (if you don't like reading, there is also youtube...):

Once you've read through and started with smaller, more basic models, then work your way up to the big ones like the horse. I've posted many photos of failed prints on here and the thingiverse community was supportive, not negative. Its okay to post bad stuff. 3D printing is shifting from "tinkering" to "turnkey" but isn't quite there yet. Follow the steps above and you'll do great!


I did some research earlier and just did some more. I wrongly assumed slicing was an individual setting vs the ability to manipulate many variables. I work for a small public library that purchased the Makerbot Replicator via grant money before my time here. Much of the learning curve will come down to educated trial and error. Like rarely needing to set fill to 70% or shells to 7 :-/ Thank you for your advice and input.

Definitely is a learning curve. One has to use a "slicer" to convert a 3D model to a tool path for the extruder/3d printer to follow when spitting out plastic. They are called slicers as 3D printers tend to break the model down into many different horizontal slices with each slice being equal to your defined layer thickness which I think you had a 0.2mm. What software are you using to convert the .stl 3d model to the proper file for your makerbot (most likely a .s3g or .x3g)?

Is it possible to print without supports?

now was there any problems with supports affecting the smooth texture, can supports not be used?

I dont think you can print without support. The result is good. Dont forget to share the results

I added v2 model- I increased the thickness where the base meet the leges.
(if you printed it please share )

I added v2 model- I increased the thickness where the base meet the leges

I really like the design.
But I found 1 problem during printing. The feet of the horse are printed separated from the base. So when finished, you have a base plate and a horse...

I just finished cleaning mine up and noticed the same. What did you do to correct this with yours? I think I will shape some thin styrene and glue both to it under the base.

I stopped.. Didn't search for a solution

I didn't have time to refine the anatomy and to define the muscle. but i think it came out nice

The neck should be twice as wide

Maybe not twice as wide but yes the neck is a little thin :)

Bassna - I own horses and have all my life so I am speaking from personal knowledge :)

Say's who?

Anyway, great design alavanimation. Really cool!