TAZ 5 Strengthened Hexagon Extruder Body

by wantmys2000 Apr 3, 2015
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Would printing this using 3 mm PLA filament cause any issues with being so close to the heat extruder?

I'm having a hard time resolving, what I assume to be built in supports. Using Simplify3D, I can't get them to render in the sliced preview.

Looks good! Some questions:Do you like using 1.75mm vs 3mm? Do you find the hot end can keep up with easier w/o temp falling and heat creep issues causing hobbed bolt to strip out the filament? Do you have hot end setup for 1.75mm or using std. 3mm one tightened down? Thanks in advance!

I had a ton of 1.75mm left over from previous printers, so using it is more from availability of filament than preference. I print the 1.75 through the standard hexagon hotend and have had 0 issues. I have never experienced any temp or heat creep issues with either filament. The only time I have temp issues is if I run the fans too close to the build plate as I have added a left side cooling fan.

Got it! I assume I must be over-cooling then.... I have to set fan at 60% on PLA just for it to maintain a temp of 205 @ 50mm/sec. Lulzbot just replaced the rambo board as well!

would you recommend 100% infill on this?

I believe I used 30% infill.

Very Nice. I just finished making mine and everything fit nice. I am doing the first print now. It sure looks a lot more stable.

Very intresting! Are the before/after pictures only including the new extruder body or also the new bearings?

Only difference was the extruder body.

I really like this. Very simple upgrade and makes a big difference! Nice job.