Demon Girl Bust

by Kintall Apr 6, 2015
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Josef Prusa just showcased your design in his latest update for the Multi-Material Upgrade for Prusa printers - It looks amazing! http://www.prusaprinters.org/update-multi-material-upgrade-2/

That's why I came here too :D


lol they added a bra!

Nice model, but need advice printing. I did a 75% scale that came out OK, At full scale, there are some areas at the base of the horns that appear not to be connected or at best are connected by only one layer. As a result, I'm having trouble with the horns falling off or are very fragile. I'm also getting much of her head as hollow. I see others are successful, so I'm thinking its one of my slicer settings.

I have also had some similar trouble, CURA just copes with it, Simplify3D needs it to be split into separate models but then prints fine.

Its a problem I've had and its been a matter of the software.

but I will freely admit that if I was better able to modify the model to make it printer friendly that challenge wouldn't be one for you or anyone to face.

so, sorry for my part in it, and best of luck ^^

The end of the hair needs support for sure. The chin looks problematic as well. If the model can be changed slightly to not require support it would be a lot more usable, and would result in more people printing your models... I like the model. I just hate having to print with support especially on something like this where the support will invariably reduce the quality of the final print.

Thanks for the big awesome paragraph of feedback.
With the hair i could just make it longer so it reaches the ground, but i was wanting to ask your advice on modifying the chin.

I wanted to keep a sharp jawline, so what would you advise I do to better ready my work for print?
should I segment it? D
Does segmenting potentially make more problems than it creates?

Sorry for the 20 questions, I'm just mad keen, but also 3dprinter-less.

Rotate the model back about 30 degrees and cut another flat section on the new bottom. This will minimize, if not remove, the need for supports. If you do that, the hair can be draped lowered down the back to create a better angle.

Yeah I'm hearing that a lot, and I've seen it on a lot of the busts (like the batman one mentioned earlier).

I'm wondering if it'd be an idea to add a small stand with a slanted top, so i could keep the angle and still have printability?

Thanks heaps man.

As a n00b that means a lot :)

Made one for you to scream at. ;)

prepares to scream

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