Bender articulated

by Simonarri Apr 6, 2015
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should i print body without support? what else is also fine to print w/o support
great model

Does anyone have a step by step assembly instructions?

Anyone else have an issue with the holes on the the links not being deep enough for the next link to snap into? At first I thought the problem was that the "knob" was too big, but after investigating the pieces I think the depth of the holes is the real issue.

I am printing this with my photon. I have issues with the links. The link181 plug side is still too big. can you fix to be smaller?

cool design !!!!
I'll try to print it on my photon ! :)

Hi, would you mind listing the number of copies of each link needed? The files are a bit confusing, there are few versions of link but no notes how many of each to print. Thank you.

Hello. Thanks for the great thing. I would like to use it as a base for my project where I want to create a light bulb holder from Bender figure. I calculated that I'll need to scale Bender up by 205 % for lightbulb base to fit inside Bender's head. What do you think about it? Should I expect some troubles when making Bender more than two times bigger?

Damm, that antenna is a pain in the neck ! I had to print it 10 times before I could get a decent result, and still I am terrified it will break. I just managed to print it a 5mm/s and 170°C with PLA.
I also had tons of issues with the angled links for the leg, couldn't print them in any way, so I went for another regular link, but it didn't fit in the body, so I just glued them (one less articulated link didn't took too much articulation away).
I am pretty happy with the final result !!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful model !

He's (at least) 30% PLA!
Great stuff. Prints out nice.

Hi! Your model is great! However, I am facing some issues. Shouldn't the links be printed horizontally to strengthen them against the joint tension?

First of all, excellent work.
Maybe you can add a door stopper to
the torso so the door will not go inside the body.

there are a few different models of links, what´s the difference?

Now everyone can kiss my shiny metal ass... Thanks for the model!

Awesome, I was looking for a good Bender model but this one is better than good! Time to order some metallic filament…

Thanks! And good luck!

That looks awesome, may I ask how tall he is?

Im using mattercontrol and it has a hard time with the body, I cant even edit it and its tiny. Any tips?

Try downloading again, I switched out the models for ones converted to mm. Should work for you

Thanks so much, gonna print this and upload a make. Have you ever thought about selling these?

Does anyone have the files properly converted to mm? I am having a heck of a time doing it in Cura.

Shut up and take my plastic!

I've had an issue with the bottom of the door - the ends are curling because it is hanging in air. If you could put a support between the door and the casing at the bottom corners it would help a lot! I love this thing, and I want to print a BIG one!

New body uploaded, thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the mod! I added by BIG BENDER to the "makes".

I have printed this and i have some major issues with the arm and leg links, the tolerance is so tight i have to take the dremel tool to all of them, Any tips?

The tolerances are small and are a pretty tight fit. You may need to remove any flashing inside the opening of the link-where the link touched the build plate. Just run a sharp exacto around the inside lightly and try again.
Also, if your pieces are printing out slightly oversize due to squishing layers together, the pieces will not fit together very well. Maybe measure your pieces and check them to the size of the on screen model and see if your machine is tuned. Lastly, printing at .2mm layer height made my pieces too tight and I had to print at .1mm to reduce the ridges from larger print layers.

I was printing at .1mm height, and everything looks good but the fit is incredible tight, i am pondering using my soldering iron to melt the well a little deeper for the ball socket to fit. I tried the xacto knife but it didn't do enough to make it fit all the way, thats why i wonder if the bridging my machine did let the well sink slightly to make the ball too tall to fit (if that makes sense)

It has been enough of a problem, I just uploaded a few more links for you to try. link181-link185 are incrementally larger than the last. Try printing 2 of each and see which fit best for you then print the rest. Hopefully this works, lmk if there's still an issue:)

You sir are the man. I shall begin tomorrow

I cannot get the arm links to attach onto the shoulder and one another!!! I need help

the tolerances are small and are a pretty tight fit. You may need to remove any flashing inside the opening of the link-where the link touched the build plate. Just run a sharp exacto around the inside lightly and try again.

When the piece is in place, if you wiggle it should it come back out or once it is in should it stay in?

Everything should stay together. If you are referring to the shoulder, you need to press the wing back that's inside the body to get it into place. Directions are in the instructions. If you're referring to the links themselves, you may have trimmed too much out of the female end and need to print another

Hello, Bender love it!
But I think there is a problem with the scales of the stl files.
Some are very small, some very large ...
I hope you can solve.
Thank you very much!

They were all modeled in inches. Have your software convert the pieces to mm's probably.

how do i do that on cura?

object will look very small, unless you scale it by 24.5 (which you can easily do with Cura)

By the way, it's 25.4 mm to inches, not 24.5.

yep, you're right:)

how about the objects that are huge?

try reducing by 24.5 % im just guessing, never used Cura.

I've found similar problems with units and scales. There are 2 issues, first: Cura is assuming the object is in mm, not inches. Second, the behavior is not the same in every stl. At least the file "eyes.stl" is interpreted in the opposite way.
Simonarri, there must be something wrong with your Rhinoceros settings, and they are also different for some files. If I import each file in c4d as mm, and export as stl in inches, cura does the work with no problems, huge and tiny ones.
By the way, I've modified the head to split the eyeballs from the rest of the model so you can print in two colors.
I've cleaned the mesh, there are some problems with points and faces, so I ended working with one side, converted to perfect symmetrical and optimized the shape and the holes for the eyeballs "extraction". I can share as a remix if anyone is interested, but I prefer to ask you first if you don't find interesting to do yourself with the actual sources and share as an official part.
Finally, I love your design, I really love it, you sir!

Ill have to try and convert them to mm and save the stl, have never done that. Thanks for asking about remixing, please post and share away!

I've just uploaded it. Untested yet, my Bender is still in progress, only body and foots by now.
I will print it tomorrow and tell you how it does ;)

Printed without problems, looks pretty nice by now. I'll process the piece with acetone vapor and update the remix again

Thanks for the updates. I'll post pictures of my make soon. It's coming along nicely.