by amaochan Apr 8, 2015
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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arms and legs are super tiny when printing.... but appear large when in slicer and g-code is prepared. Anyone else have this problem?

Can share the link to the STL file with the Running Rhino?

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I made this for a friend as one of my first prints. It was magical watching it appear. Thanks for the memory.

Made one a while ago and loved it.

Very good design. made it and it turned out awesome. the tail took me a minute to snap down. but it did and moves freely

Such a great design! This is what finally convinced my wife that getting a3d printer wasn't such a bad idea. Printed one for her in white PLA at 90% infill with support. It came out perfect. At first I thought I broke the tail but soon realized it is made to pivot! My wife loved it. His name is Ollie, the office rhinocerous. Of course we immediately had to print another in pink and name her Molly. Super fun! Thanks for this!

太屌了,居然會跑 ~


Were can I get the Running Rhino?!!! That is awesome.

This thing is still adjusting.

This is an amazing thing...he just makes me smile and smile. I think it prints best in solid color, be it white or whatever. I used Natural and some features are lost. The Formosan Black Bear has cool eyes...maybe Rhino could use some too? I would up printing the hind legs at 75% infill due to breakage and the joint. Perhaps improves center of gravity as well. Looking forward to more of your work!

Oh, one more thing: in case no one noticed, the tail pivots once excess material is removed. This makes Rhino even cuter.

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Will the legs move after printing?

Sure,they can move after they are built up.

I love this Rhino. It's a great model and it assembles really nicely. I also thought it could use some really beefy arms to clobber bad guys with so I added some here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:789399

Beefy Rhino Arms

Lol that's a nice remix!!!

Wow! Super Rhino

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im having problems with these .sti files. any one else?

thanks for your question, it only offer STL.

when i open them they are very small.. when i make them larger they go funny. im using up plus 2

Netfabb Studio use to open the file, save a new file, it should be possible to normal.

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your work is fantastic!!
I have visited both your facebook links.

Amazing work.
Are you going to add more of the cardboard animals you have done already hanginf from your wall in the photos

AGAIN beautiful work!!!

I'm glad you like my work, I will continue to provide new works.
I have uploaded a separate parts, you can go to download.

Magnifico, beautyfull. Thanks

Thank you, I will continue to add new works. The next work is Ursus thibetanus formosanus.

I can't wait¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Where can we buy your work? I tried link showed in your facebook and 2 problems, language nd It doe not work¡¡¡
I want to buy the big panda¡¡¡¡¡¡

Sorry! You can see the large panda did not sell, it is the exhibition of the works, these pieces are currently in Taiwan Museum.

wow it's amazing¡¡ I already checked your facebook and looks really good, I love your work
could you add the panda, it's awesome¡¡¡
Or If you want I can help you to create it if you give me some help


Hi, I made a remix that is a bit easier to print (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:767177) but I just noticed you flagged this as "no derivatives." Do you want me to take my version down?

EZ-Print Rhino

Hi there, I like your remix, Would it be possible to move the head and other big parts onto two separate plates as i would like to print it as big as I can?
Thanking you in advance



when trying to print the legs the file doesn't lay down a pattern ring, just tries to immediately start printwaring the leg which fails because the material hasn't warmed out yet. can you add those test rings to the files?

When .STL loaded into my software, the items are tiny and don't look anything like the pictures. Any Suggestions?

Nice thing! Only the rhino.stl does not seem to have the bottom sides aligned...

There are no completely flat sides for the legs. You will have to use supports or cut the protruding section.

Ah thanks, that's it.

this is one of the cutest thing iv'e seen, coming up right after my dog.

Very cute rhino design! :)

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Amazing! Would love to make this a 1x2x3 Puzzle.

Looks so awesome! Will you be releasing more of these?

I like it so much ~ good job!