Printable Y-Carriage for Folgertech Acrylic Prusa i3

by molak34 Apr 8, 2015
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I've printed those for my new upcoming project. They've come out pretty well without any warping thx to pla. But is it a good idea to use pla bed support and heated bed at the same time. Should I look for metal instead?

As long as you isolate the back of the bed it will work ok .

Hi there... I like to know is this Y carriage are compatible with sunhokey prusa i3 2015

From what Ican see in google images, your prusa uses a different style of bearing than folgertech.

thanks, yes i can see that sunhokey used a alumnium bearing block for LM8UU bearing which i want to get rid of it... its heavy
will print this y carriage in future
by the way GOOD DESIGN... :) cheers

Just a note to anyone out there looking to use this for the anet a8. I work with that printer. the bottom runs into the frame. Besides that great design molak34.

Thanks for the comment. If you guide me a little bit I can make a version compatible with that printer.

Thats ok. Im working on a design to replace the bed.

I printed this (with ABS, your recommended settings, 75% honeycomb infill) to replace my 5 mm acrylic Y carriage (well, I re-used the belt clamps), and I must say it's much better. Far stiffer and more solid than it looks at first as well. As a guard against the heat from the bed, I added a thin piece of polystyrene between the carriage and the bed.

My printer over-extruded a bit (bad Slic3r settings), so the holes and nut spaces were a bit snug, but nothing a drill bit and a bit of patience couldn't fix. Between this carriage and bolting the printer down solidly to a thick board, everything seems to finally be aligned, level and secure like it's supposed to be.

Thanks for this!

Nice looking design. I downloaded the sldprt file and tried to open in solidworks, but it refuses to open it. Any suggestions? I'm trying to edit it to include this (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:745934) adjustable belt tensioner. Could you maybe edit it on your end to use that tensioner otherwise? Also tried to import as an stl, but it says the file has too many faces.

i3 Adjustable Y Belt Holder for GT2 & T2.5

Those SLDPRT were created with solidworks 2015.
Are you using an older version ?

I have a robotics competition on friday, but i liked that idea, I'll modify it later ..

i'm using 2014 x64

That's the problem ... get the latest ..

just printed the original and installed. it won't travel the full distance back as it hits on the y axis stepper motor.

Did you print the 2.1 version ?

yeah. ended up getting it to work. had to move some stuff around on my printer

Very nice print. Thank you for all your efforts in this design.

Well I built it, installed it and all was well till tried to home the Y axis
The arms hit the frame and the Y motor Had to uninstall it and put back the acrylic frame and re zero the bed
I have a Folger tech prusa I3

Sorry ! While reinforcing v1 to make the v2 I forgot about motor clearence...

Just cut the arm that goes over the motor like so


or print the v2.1

nice remix. I like the arms to mount the heatbed. Think I will borrow that concept :) Can you post your make of this please?

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Have you been using this? I've been thinking about something like this for a while now (and this looks awesome, BTW), but I'm a little worried about it warping or drooping from the heat.

I did two 6 hours prints and nothing has happened. Just isolate the heated bed ... I use a piece of corrugated cardoard and some fiberglass on top of my bed ...

Awesome, in that case I'll probably try it out then. I currently use adhesive pipe insulation under the heat bed so that may take care of it. I'm pretty unhappy with the acrylic under the bed and I'm looking forward to trying this out.

You won't be dissapointed... I suggest to print it at
0.3mm layer height
0.45 to 0.5mm extrusion width
4 perimeters 4 top and 4 botton layers

What percentage of infill do you suggest? Did you use pla or abs?

25 to 30% infill ... and you MUST use ABS if you plan to use a heated bed.

Perfect, that's pretty much exactly how I print structural parts. I'll let you know how it comes out.