Prusa i3 parts (extruder and carriage, x-end vertical, and z-top stabilizers)

by ch1t0 Apr 19, 2013
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Can you redo the mounting holes for M3 hardware?

Did this myself, if anyone wants this derivative I'll post it..

I guess it's been a while, but if you're still monitoring this I'd be interested. Can you post your solid part?

Yeah..Check the remixes.

Hi i like the idea of the duck bill.. but umm where ins the piece that goes inside of it?

Indeed, the just uploaded. duckbill is pressure.

ah kool like a quick release..

Hi i like the idea of the orange thumb locking on the idler.
Is there a file for it?

I uploaded the file called duckbill

Any chance you could post an SCAD for the extruder? The motor mount holes are about 1mm off so I can only use two mount holes to mount my motor or else the gears won't mesh properly. I can fix it without, but it would be much easier with an SCAD.

sorry for taking so long to answer, but I've been traveling. sources are not in scad, I have them in solidworks. if you are interested you the e-mail sending

can you post the solid part for the body?

What bearings are used in the x idler? I have a 624ZZ but it's too big to fit in the bearing guides and the hole in the idler looks like it's sized for something smaller.

This is nice! i especially like the fan mount. What are the teeth set up for the x-carriage. I have gt2 belts and was wondering what the stl was exported as.

teeth are for T2.5 carriage in a few days will put the GT2 version

Awesome, i am really thinking about taking my i3 apart just to put this carriage on there. nice job.

Can anybody possibly make a single plate with the i3 parts and hang it somewhere?

Nice work! I have been wanting to make an extruder with the motor rotated 90 degrees like this one to make the profile "thinner" (to provide room for a heat sink on my extruder motor, or perhaps dual extruders).

But, the idler arm for the extruder seems to be missing. Could you please add it or provide a link to the one you used?

Is that an M10 y-corner? It would be cool to have an M8 version in this set, but of course it should be easy to modify.

sorry for taking to answer. I'm working on a modification to rods 10 and 6 in which you have to change the upper and lower brackets.

Stabilizers for the Z-axis threaded rods will stabilize the top end at the price of extra motion for x-carriage causing wobble.

thanks, with straight threaded rods should not have that problem.