Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

30mm/40mm Fan Adaptor for Taz with Hexagon Hot End

by Wolfie Apr 11, 2015
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Upgrading the taz4 to this with a 12v blower fan is having unreliable output. The fan doesnt spin very swiftly. Im having problems finding where to adjust the voltage to the fan to 12v, or unlock the PWM for the fan. After adjusting some settings I had to post on lulzforum and still am not getting anywhere. The heat creep persists because this fan isnt blowing fast enough to actually cool the heatblock

You should check the voltage supplied to the fan connector for the Taz 4 and make sure it matches the voltage on the fan you purchased. This is for a Taz5 which supplies 5v for the fan. I don't recall the budda head having a fan at all so I don't know what the Taz4 supplies. I think your best bet is to follow the info you get in the lulz forums. Since I don't own a Taz4, I really don't know where to lead you to find the correct hookup for your fan. Sorry.

Is there anyway to modify the design elegantly to clear the hotendextruder mount left screw, like a pipe thru the hexcooler?

Just printed this as un upgrade from buddha to metal hex v2. It looks really great.

The groove behind the toolhead in the carriage, is that for wires at all? Was thinking of drilling out a pressfit mount along there or on the side near it for a zip


A tube through the duct would reduce airflow. A hole in the bottom would allow air out and that would possibly influence the part being printed by prematurely cooling it instead of the heat sink on the hot end.

I am not sure what area you are talking about wanting to cool? The fan shroud STL here is the orange fan shroud shown in the images above. The lower part of a hot end does NOT get a fan! Its the hot zone and needs to remain HOT! A hot end cooling fan is only for the fins located on the upper portion of a hot end. This is the infeed portion of the hot end and sits above the transition zone (just below the shroud). This need to be kept cool to minimize filament swelling and pre-heating before the filament reaches the melting area in the lower portion of the hot end.

If you are referring to the extrusion cooling fan (located on the right and in black in the photos here), that is the stock cooling shroud from the Taz 5. You can download that STL directly from LulzBot's archive since the Taz 5 is fully open hardware. If that is the shroud you are wanting, its here:

FYI, the extrusion fan is not to cool the lower portion of the hot end, its for cooling the extruded filament.

Do you have a fan shroud for the lower part of the hot end for this design? The fan mount in your other designs seems to be for another type of hotend