3d Jointed Puppy Dog

by jazmy Apr 12, 2015
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Thanks. Very nice. Now my "little" daughter is going to paint it.

Hi, this dog looks amazing... I am a complete rookie here (well, I have printed a dozen models for now) and I can't add any support on simplify3D... I tried everything. I want to add automatic support, because I am not good enough to know where I have to put them. Any help would be more than welcome. ;)

Used Cura 3.6 and printed it on Ender 3 standing on its four legs, with Draft settings.

Layer height 0.2,
infill density 5%,
supports everywhere,
z distance at 0.3,
overhang angle at 50,
support density 8%.

Print came out decent considering I forgot to enable ironing and used 0.2 layer height. At least all parts are intact and all joints except head and tail are moving.

Few support structures are still fused to the print and I haven't removed them yet.

The only issue is where the support for the belly was too hard to remove even with my support settings. Is it because I used supports everywhere? If anyone can figure out what needs to change, please let me know.

This worked amazingly but a lower leg and paw from another leg broke, Going to try again... it took 6hrs and 24mins even though the program said about 5hrs, used CuraEngine Hopes this helps

How small can i print this and still have it work?

Totally depends on the tolerances of your printer.

DO you print it standing on it's nose? That's the way it opened up. I flipped it to feet down, the legs loog good, but the belly is stringy. I guess I need supports.

Part 2 - printed on modt 'balanced' with supports. Lost bottom of both ears (supports not sturdy enough?), lost top cm on his head (kinked filament), one leg broke off. Very cute, but frustrating.

I'm using an Ultimaker 3 at normal (0.16mm layer) setting and have printed several other jointed models successfully. But I've tried printing this one three times now positioning it at different angles, but the joints are welded in each case. They simply break when I try to free them. I'm also using the latest Cura software and can't think of any special adjustments that I can make.

This still wont work in S3D... No supports will generate and a lot of issues with the mesh.

you have to flip the surfaces on most parts (in the model on most part the inside is defined as outside), this causes the messed up file in s3d. When you repair ist (under Repair/flip surfaces) its printable.

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Any Ideas on why this wont work in Simplify3D ????
I can add it but it looks weird, and if i add supports, they dont show at all.
Yes i could also use CURA, bit with CURA i would have to change some Settings on my Printer.
Also seen that others also had Issues with S3D with this MAKE.

Any Ideas on why this wont work in Simplify3D ????
I can add it but it looks weird, and if i add supports, they dont show at all.
Yes i could also use CURA, bit with CURA i would have to change some Settings on my Printer.
Also seen that others also had Issues with S3D with this MAKE.

wolfes1126 -

I had the same problem in Simplify3D (S3D). Using blender, I recalc'd outside normals and that fixed it. Not sure why fixing normals in S3D didn't work.

I haven't printed it, yet. But, the model looks good in S3D.

Anyone got any tips on how to loosen the joints. Every time I try, pieces break. I've printed it 4 times now lol

Hi Magick81,

I'm so sorry you're having so much difficulty. I print using an Up! mini and it automatically generated the supports for me. I decreased the density of the supports and the angle to make it easier to clean. Some people have told me printing it in different positions can help with freeing the joints (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:775146). Maybe even having the material warm when you try to move the head.

I hope that helps,

3d Jointed Puppy Dog Lying Down
by jazmy

Awesome little fella, thank you.

My daughter has end of year exams coming up so I printed this for her as a good luck companion while she studies.
Any tips, tricks, advice on "breaking" the parts free to get them moving? Got the leg joints working but the shoulders, hips, head and tail are still solid.

Once again, awesome little guy.

EDIT: The poor little guy broke. Snapped the tail and the head off. Printed a new one rotated head up. Quality looks better, now I just got to get him moving without breaking him

Can anyone help me? I'm having trouble in Simplify3D. For some reason it will not generate supports. :(

Gonna try slicing on Flashprint, the default software for my Flashforge Creator Pro, but I've had many fails with this software I had abandoned it a long time ago.

nice dog, my tail broke, im sorry, thanx angelik

Im having trouble with the ears :( I tried to print it twice and its messing up the ears. HELP!

Did you print it with support!?

One of the best files I've seen, any tips on settings (infill, shell thickness) that would improve chances with articulation and reduce breakage?

beautiful , what do you put in ? me says 7 hours

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Printing it right now ABS with HIPs support. Got an in progress photo on instagram. Look for weaz1118

just a question but am i likely to break the limbs trying to move them for the first time?

All the limbs should move but the tail has a tendency to break. The next version will have a better tail joint.

Great print! My 2 year old nephew is going to love it!

Any chance you could post a version with the segments separated or individual files for each part? Finishing with acetone vapor would bond the moving parts together so they have to be separated to use that finishing technique.

WespWilson - Someone already thought of that :) Check out johann517's remix - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:780246

Puppy Dog Reloaded 1.5

If anyone has a successful print, can you give a general description of the finished size. When I open it is too small, and even scaled up, the joint tolerances do not work. I have only printed on so far, so I will scale up a bit more. I have a couple of working joints, but most failed when the back of the head to the snout is 42mm, and the top of the ears is 51mm. The waist is approx 30mm, and length of the body segment is 67mm. 38mm across the hips at the tail. I will increase by 10% and try again. I don't want to scale up too much and make the joints really floppy.

shiuan posted a great article (you may need google to translate it) on the best position and size to print the puppy: http://mingshiuan.blogspot.com/2015/04/3d-3d-jointed-puppy-dog.html

Ran the STL through Ntefabb is its fine.

Thanks MontagueFlange, if you send me your post-netfabb version then I can post it. My goal is to have a puppy that works for everyone, so it's great to have updates :)

I 4 for my grand children and they love them, nice job.

I'm so happy the grandkids love the puppies =)

It did look odd in s3d - although if you looked through the back of the dogs head it looked like you were looking at it head on - which was neat :-)

Could still do with one with stretched out legs :-)

I would like to make a shout out to Chris (thingiverse user: Anthromod) who was one of my elance freelancers who helped me with Charlie. Chris created the adorable puppy head and is available for hire.

Can you school us on GD&T tolerances for the joints so we can make our own? Thank you.

I would love to but I am not an engineer and my determination of the joint tolerances came from trial and error. My background is web development. 3D printing is just my creative hobby that I've been doing the past couple months instead of having a social life :)

There is definitely something wrong with this file. Simplify3D looks right through the parts as if they are not manifold. Netfab says there's something wrong yet it cannot fix or repair.
I imported it into 3D Coat for Surface editing. Switched it from surface to Voxels then exported it back out voxelized and now it prints correctly. I can repost the file myself or send to the OP for them to repost. Preference???
We talk about revoxelizing prints on the 3D Printing Today podcast; threedprintingtoday.libsyn.com

Thank you TobyCWood for you updated version. I posted it under "Thing Files" so everyone can benefit from your genius.

If you send it to me I can post the fixed version up for everyone. I appreciate you taking the time to do that and I would love to listen to your podcast revoxelizing prints.

Unfortunately the voxelized version did not successfully separate the parts for the joints. What did you design the object in? Based on what i am seeing it looks as though each part is not fully manifold. That is, each part could have a hole in it.

Awesome! I too cannot print it as is in Simplify3d. A fixed version would be much appreciated!

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hi there, when I upload the file, and try to use my makerbot rep2, the file fails to print and comes in with errors.
any suggestions?

Now all we need is for someone to merge both The "3d Jointed Puppy" and the "Ghostbusters Terror Dog" together! Can you say "3d Jointed Terror Dog"? WHAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!?
No for real can someone work on this idea?

3d Jointed Puppy:

Ghostbusters Terror:

3d Jointed Puppy Dog Lying Down
by jazmy
3d Jointed Puppy Dog
by jazmy
Puppy Dog Reloaded 1.5
Ghostbusters Terror Dog Re-Sculpted
by Geoffro
Ghostbusters Terror Dog

I am okay with the merging the two dogs together if that's something people would enjoy=) You just would have to share it with everyone as a remake and not sell it commercially.

What a lovely puppy~!! thank you ~^^
Did you use any 3d modelling program?

I can't tell you what tools the developers who helped me used but these are the tools that I use most:

A free, introductory digital sculpting tool, a great stepping stone for digital sculptors, created by the makers of Zbrush.

Autodesk Maya
A massive, complete suite of tools for professional all aspects of 3D design including modeling, rigging, dynamics and animation. Free for one year for educational use

123dapp MeshMixer - My Favorite 3d modeling tool. I use this for merging models, cutting my model in half or viewing it like an x-ray. It has sculpting tools too but the interface is more complex than sculptris.

MeshLab - Great for helping you reduce the number of polygons in your model without compromising the design. This also reduces your files sizes which can get pretty big. Shapeways has a great tutorial on polygon reduction using meshlab.

Netfabb Online - I send my models here when they look red on my 3D printing software. Most of the time it fixes everything without breaking anything.

Thank you for your elaborate reply.
I'll have to study hard, just like you.
I'll look forward to more wonderful 3d modelling design to you. ^^

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DevWolf - I haven't tried it with a dissolvable filament. The photos show the model printed by Shapeways using the Strong & Flexible Plastic. I prototyped the design on an UP! mini PP3DP using ABS plastic.

Will a reprap work with dissolvable filament? What kind of gap are we working with on the joints?

Fun print Thanks! I will print on my Rostockmaxv2 at a larger scale next. I think I have the record for smallest. :)

curiousaardvark - Great suggestion on re-positioning the body so it needs less support structures. I will work on it and post in a few days. Thanks again.

if you print it on it's side it'll need a lot of support.
But if you had the model with it's legs outstretched it would still need some supports but nowhere near as many.

But for that we need a model with the legs stretched out :-)

Love the face :-)

My goal was to create a puppy that was jointed and could be printed as one piece. My next version may be multiple pieces if I find that too many people are unable to print it.

For the person who emailed asking what orientation is best for printing. I recommend placing it on it's side.

could you upload as separate pieces as this looks too difficult for fdm printers to print in one piece