The Arcade Cabinet

by malopezn Apr 12, 2015
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HIm is it possible to make the screen part suitable for a 10inch display?

que perímetro y cantidad de relleno es necesaria?

Was this ever upgraded to fit a Raspberry Pi 3? Also, can you use the standard 7 inch Raspberry pi screen that you would purchase in this kit? https://www.amazon.com/Makerfire-7-Inch-Raspberry-Display-Controller/dp/B00P94RDKM/ref=sr_1_7?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1512063006&sr=1-7&keywords=raspberry+pi+screen

La estoy imprimiendo, ¿podrías poner bien el link del proyecto completo?
Está quedando un poco desastre porque mi impresora va regular, pero si consigo que funcione bien lo pondré por aquí.
Muchas gracias!

Muchas gracias, ahí la tengo casi entera, me faltan las piezas de arriba.

Hola, la web donde estaba está caída. Trataré de rescatarlo, pero va a ser complicado...

is there a model that can be printed on a 150x150x150 bed?

FYI.... I built two full size arcade emulators, and a missing button on most designs is a pause button. it just takes one more hole in the cabinet, but makes that pee brake much easier.

MAME enables this feature.

Muy bueno ya comencé a armarlo pero lo modifique un poco para poner mas botones, muy bueno gracias por compartir!!!

Tienes el diseño con más botones? Te ha ido bien?

did you use any support, or where these designed to print without supports?

Hi! You can print without supports

This is an awesome project! i'm also in for a 6 button panel to play games like street fighter.

Here the exact model for measurements! You could just import and then remove from your model.
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:697403 hope this helps!!!

Raspberry Pi 2 (from caliper measurements)

Oh not that your not doing enough!...lol j/k Can you make a six button top? this would be sweet!

top 6 button panel for fighting games would be nice. cool no matter what!

Hi I am really interested in making this, but before I print it and buy stuff I want to know what size buttons to buy. Ideally one of these two since I have some money on my adafruit account: https://www.adafruit.com/products/1503 or https://www.adafruit.com/products/473

The links to the parts you bought lead to non-existent products so yeah...

This is a great design, and I would like to make one! But as some other already commented, it would be better to use the Raspberry 2 to get more performance our of the emulators. So an updated design would be great, or if you could share the design files?

Hi LeifA, thanks for your comments. I still don't have a Raspberry 2 to change design and do some tests. I hope to have one soon and upload the updated STL.
Best regards.

the Rpi 2 hase the same size as an rspi b1

That's cool. So the desig is Rp2 valid. Thanks!

just need to add extra space for the 2 more usb ports!

Do you have a raspberry pi 2? Can you draw the new USB panel?

My top comment list a stl for pi2 that you can use for mesurements!

this is awesome. would print if there was more instruction! nd the Pi2

I would love to make this for a Pi 2 to use all the extra power it offers. A modified version would be great!

If you could also provide links to the parts you got, particularly the PSU with wiring plans and the monitor with connection interface, it would make setting this up that much easier.

Hi Menissalt,

The PSU is a common 7$ unit (http://www.ebay.es/itm/2A-5A-6A-12-5A-110-220V-to-DC-12V-LED-Strip-Light-Switch-Power-Supply-Driver-/261582868915?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_186&var=&hash=item3ce78dd1b3). With that unit you can power the Display, but for the reaspberry we need to lower down the voltage to 5v, for that i use a RC bec (http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__22494__Turnigy_3A_UBEC_with_Low_Voltage_Buzzer.html Set to 5.1v)
The cable is a simple Jack to RCA. Check is compatible with Raspberry or you can make a shortcut and burn the Raspy (http://www.dx.com/es/p/specified-av-cable-for-raspberry-pi-b-black-365625?tc=EUR&gclid=CKy-t_qt9cQCFaTnwgodmlgAAQ#.VSzNSBcRzzE)
I am going to look for Raspberry 2 plans and modify the design.

Very nice but can you allso upload the wire connection diagram and file for raspberry please

Hi Adolph,

File for Raspberry is a big ISO.
You have to install:
Raspberry OS (NOOBS) -> https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/
PiPlay -> http://pimame.org/
Retrogame -> https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-Retrogame

I am going to write all the process and upload it.

Do you have any code written for this yet? if so could you add it to the thing files.

Take a look at Adolph answer
Best regards

It would be great if you could post some links (ebay?) for the LCD display or perhaps list the model/part or pictures of it to get an idea of what its supposed to look like.. This looks like it would be a really great project.

Hi Eric,
Take a look at Menissalt reply.
Best regards

Thanks for posting some links but the link the comment you refer to is just the video cable. Can you post a link to the 7" lcd panel you used ?

Hi Eric, I can't because it was a Display I already had. Try to look for a 7'' Display with AUDIO.
Best regards

Ok thanks. Was it in a case or a "part" lcd. Why I ask is I am trying to source one that fits your 3d model parts. Thanks. Any recollection of where you got it? If you even had a pic of that it looked like that would help.

Hi Eric. Any 7'' Display IN CASE, should be ok. Maybe we have to change the front design, but that's easy. This one should work -> http://www.ebay.es/itm/7-pulgadas-Vigilancia-HD-1080p-HDMI-PC-Display-RCA-Video-AV-VGA-TFT-LED-Monitor-/361256620818?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_186&hash=item541c929312
Be sure to select one with AUDIO.

I think this one should work and is cheaper -> http://www.dx.com/es/p/ptv702-7-tft-lcd-16-9-portable-tv-w-fm-sd-usb-2-0-av-in-av-out-black-silver-eu-plug-220816#.VS0_YxcRzzE
The problem with all of these displays is that they doesn't have audio normally.

Ok thanks for both links that gives us who want to copy your build a starting point.